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Junior sits on his couch, watching an old movie. I don't know what movie it is, but the scene is about two military men who are fighting a war, and one reminds the other that there's no room for sentimentality. Nice commentary. I don't know how they find these film clips sometimes. Tony walks into the darkened house, calling out for his uncle. Junior complains that he lost his uppers, and Tony assures him that they'll find them. Junior then complains that someone keeps calling and hanging up, and he thinks it's Pussy Malanga. Tony promises to "get J. Edgar Hoover right on it." Junior doesn't react to the joke. Tony tells Junior to go upstairs and find his uppers while Tony cooks dinner. Junior stands up and yells, "I had a banana in there." What? He is so losing it.

Gene walks into the bedroom where Deanne is crying. He says that they can buy a condo in Florida now, and he'll make another run at Tony in six months or a year. Deanne isn't satisfied with that plan. Gene says that she and the kids could move down now, and in a year or two, Tony could be gone. Gene's phone rings and he says he has to take it. "His master's voice," says Deanne dryly.

Gene takes the call in the bathroom and asks, "Now?!" That's actually how my captioning punctuated it.

Gene parks on a dark side street, gets out of his car, and gets into another one, where he meets up with Agent Sanseverino. Gene's a rat? Holy crap. The agents complain that Gene's been out of touch, and that they need him now more than ever since they lost "a major asset." Gene didn't know Ray was a rat too. The agents tell Gene that he's "a designated hitter." Gene brings up his Florida plan, but the FBI needs him in Jersey, gathering information. One agent tells him, "Florida's one of those things you've gotta let go." Gene sits back and sighs. They immediately start pumping Gene for information. Man, those agents are really bad with the people skills.

Gene sits in his house, drinking and looking at old photo albums of his family on the beach. He picks up a shell sitting on the table as he stares at a picture of his wife and kids.

Cut to Gene kicking a box out from under his own feet as he hangs himself in the garage. Unfortunately, he didn't drop from high enough up, so instead of breaking his neck instantly, he slowly strangles to death. The scene goes on forever as Gene swings around and struggles, but finally he gives a few final twitches, and goes still. The only sound is the urine dripping from his swinging body onto the floor. I'm guessing this is that lack of dignity Tony was talking about earlier.

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