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Tony puts dry pasta into some boiling water in Junior's kitchen as he bops around to the music from the radio. He walks to the stairs and yells upstairs to Junior that dinner will be ready in ten minutes. Junior asks who it is, and says, "Don't go anywhere!" Tony heads into the living room and starts looking through record albums. Junior shuffles down the stairs and over to Tony, shouts something in Italian that includes the word "Malanga," and then pulls out a gun and shoots Tony in the gut.

Tony falls to the floor as Junior hurries back upstairs with his gun. He looks around, confused, and then pushes the gun under his bed. Then he gets into his closet, and sits on the floor, terrified.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Tony tries to pull himself over to the phone. He checks the hand that's been clutching his gut, and it's covered in blood. Tony finally gets a hand on the phone, but falls backward when he tries to pick it up, and rips the phone out of the wall.

Carmela and Angie walk out to the Vesuvio parking lot, laughing. Angie notices Carmela's Porsche, and Carmela acts like it's no big deal. Angie turns off the car alarm on her own car, a Corvette. Carmela is shocked that Angie bought it herself, and turns to her own car, which now doesn't seem so great since it was bought with Tony's dirty money.

Meanwhile, Tony is still huffing and puffing on the living room floor. He starts yelling for Uncle Junior to call 911. Junior, in the closet like R. Kelly, doesn't move. Tony manages to pull himself on his back into the kitchen, where there's another phone. The camera moves to a ceiling view, so that as Tony reaches up to try to grab the wall phone, it looks like he's trying to climb a mountain. Tony manages to remove the handset and dial 911, but he passes out before he can say anything. The operator finally answers, but Tony is silent and white on the kitchen floor as the pasta water boils in the background.

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