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So here's a theory. The seven souls departing are the people or events that are going to betray or otherwise lead to Tony's ultimate downfall at the end of the series (death, prison, take your pick). So in order, they were: Vito, Janice, Bobby, Gene, Meadow and Finn, Ray Curto, AJ, Adriana, and Carmela. And if you read the whole poem, Burroughs posits that Ka (AJ) is the only one you can trust. Interesting.

Tony is digging holes in Uncle Jun's backyard. Tony hasn't found anything. Uncle Junior insists that he has $40,000 buried there, his share from some '70s heist. Tony suggests that the money wasn't wrapped right and disintegrated. Junior thinks that his old nemesis, Pussy Malanga, is behind it. You may recall that, in the very first episode, Tony started a fire at Vesuvio to prevent Uncle Junior from whacking Pussy Malanga there, so nice callback. Tony looks annoyed, and Uncle Junior looks more confused than usual. Tony reminds Junior that Pussy Malanga's been dead for six years. A neighbor pauses on her back porch to see what Tony's yelling about, and Tony yells, "Moles! They digging through your sprinklers too?" The neighbor wisely heads inside without replying. Tony more gently tells Jun that they can keep looking later, and leads an agitated Junior inside.

Tony rinses off his face as Janice enters. Tony yells at her for being late. Uncle Junior asks where the baby is, and Bobby wheels in a baby in a stroller, explaining that they had a load of baby crap to pack up, which Tony probably remembers doing himself. Tony yells that he didn't do that crap. I do hope they get a little bit into Janice's probably being a new-agey parent, all concerned with her child's self-esteem and stuff, versus Tony's more old-school parenting methods. Janice chastises Tony for not saying hello to his niece, and Tony waves to the baby, who looks to be less than a year old in my estimation. Bobby leads Junior out of the kitchen to get dressed as Janice makes really ostentatious goo goo ga ga noises at the baby. Junior is two steps out of the room when Janice asks how he's doing. Tony says that Junior is "Knucklehead Smith," and can't remember if he ate or not. Janice brings up a subject they have clearly discussed many times: moving Junior to Green Grove. Tony's completely against it, first saying that Junior can't afford it with his legal bills, and then reminding Janice how it affected Livia. Janice thinks their mother was thriving there. Ha! Tony ends the conversation by saying that it's the least they can do to take care of Junior.

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