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The conversation is cut short because Agent Harris and Agent New Guy have just arrived. Tony acts excited to see the man who wants to put him away for life. Agent Harris says that he was transferred to terrorism and had to go to Pakistan. Tony comments that Agent Harris looks like he's lost weight, and Vito takes that as license to talk about diets again. Agent Harris says that he caught a parasite overseas, and that the doctors don't know what it is. Christopher asks, "What do they eat, tabboleh?" I don't know why every line he says tonight is cracking me up. Agent Harris says he actually came to get "a Satriale's veal parm hero," and heads inside. Christopher says that he hopes "that parasite eats [Harris's] asshole off," and Tony says that he kind of feels bad for the guy.

Tony gets a phone call from Hesh, explaining what happened to him and Eli.

Cut to a hospital, where Eli is in rough, rough shape. Tony walks in with Christopher and Vito, and greets Hesh and his daughter. The daughter leaves to get Hesh a drink and, of course, Vito makes a request too, like, who asked you? God, he's annoying this season. Hesh fills the guys in on what happened, and Christopher misunderstands and asks, "Chinks did this?" Hesh thinks that Christopher is being a smart-ass, and then tells Vito that it was his cousin, Phil, who did this. Hesh says that he has "some money on the street over there," and Phil's guy, Jerry (whom Vito calls "The Hairdo") thought that Eli was "some independent shy trying to poach his customers." They all bemoan Eli's fate, and Tony orders Vito to "send someone to Brooklyn" to talk to Phil about Jerry's actions. Vito immediately whips out his cell phone.

Carmela and her father, Hugh, wander around the spec house with the building inspector. He inspects the lumber as Hugh blathers on about gables. The building inspector reports that he can't reverse the stop-work order, because Hugh used utility-grade pine, which is below code. Hugh wants to talk to some guy named Pudgie Walsh about it, and is informed that he's retired. Carmela asks if there's anything they can do. The building inspector, who either doesn’t know or doesn't care whom Carmela is married to, says that they can appeal it further, but that he'd recommend "starting over with the proper lumber." The inspector leaves, and Carmela yells at her father, who dismisses the whole thing as "bureaucratic bullshit." Carmela reminds him that she hired him to do a job, and Hugh says that he thought they were partners. He storms out, saying, "To hell with this. No good deed goes unpunished." Carmela's mouth tightens even more than usual, if that's possible.

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