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Gene and Deanne, in their bedroom, talk about their plans. Deanne is pissed that Tony hasn't made a decision yet, and Gene says that he's doing what he can to hurry things along. Their daughter arrives and asks why they're fighting. Deanne thinks that Tony should see "what a huge opportunity this is for [them]," like Tony cares about their opportunities.

Post-funeral, Tony and Carmela are back at the sushi place, pigging out. They walk outside, and Tony says that he's got some stuff to do, and needs Carmela to find her own way home. Carmela reminds him that she doesn't have her car, and a guy pulls up in a brand-new Porsche, which Tony bought for her as a gift. Carmela is thrilled, but still annoyed that Tony never talked to the building inspector. But not so annoyed that she doesn't hop right into the car and squeal.

Hey! Tony's walking around his house in his robe! He stumbles downstairs and asks AJ, "Joe College," where Carmela went. AJ says that she went shopping with Rosalie Aprile. Tony asks why AJ's new suit jacket is out, and AJ says he's lending it to a friend. Meadow walks through in a bathing suit and towel, and Tony asks her about some internship. She says that she has an interview next week, and Tony asks her to keep him updated, since his lawyer helped to set it up. Meadow leaves, and Tony tells AJ that he'll never see that jacket again. They argue about Tony's low opinion of people, and Tony says, "Let me tell you something, AJ. I don't care how close you are. In the end, friends are gonna let you down. Family: they're the ones you can depend him." Do you feel like those words might come back to bite him in the ass?

Tony's in Melfi's office, both in their old familiar seats. Tony is talking about Uncle Junior, and how he used to be so sharp, and how far he's fallen. Tony tells a story about how he was in a car with Junior, and there was a nanny pushing a baby carriage down the sidewalk, and then an old woman in a wheelchair. Melfi muses, "The circle of life." Tony retorts, "The circle jerk of life. Where's the dignity?" Melfi thinks that, in the end, you need to let go of pride and let your loved ones care for you. Tony says he would rather his loved ones hold a pillow over his face. Melfi points out that that's an interesting choice of words, since Tony tried to smother his mother with a pillow. Tony doesn't remember that happening, and says that he "grabbed a pillow, but it was just to keep [his] hands occupied." Melfi suggests getting some in-home care for Junior, and Tony says that they have a girl from Trinidad who comes in days. Melfi inquires about "assisted living," and Tony flies off the handle. Melfi thinks that they're really talking about how Tony "cannot accept [that he] had a mother that didn't love [him]." Melfi adds, "In pitying your uncle, the man she conspired with, you're turning the blame for what she did, back on yourself, again, after all this time." Tony is annoyed, and asks if Melfi's mother ever let her down or hurt her feelings. Melfi says that her mother could be manipulative, but never tried to kill her. Tony thinks he pushed Livia to do that. Melfi points out that Tony only placed his mother "in a lovely retirement community." Tony yells, "It's a nursing home." Melfi again points out that Tony can't accept that his mother didn't value him.

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