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Tony goes to talk to Ginny's brother about Hesh, and he promises to talk to Johnny. Tony asks after Ginny, and the brother says that she's got the weight of the world. Christopher, Silvio, and Paulie lurk in the background, trying on sunglasses. Tony picks out the most expensive pair of sunglasses in the shop and then laughs that he left his wallet in his car, and walks out wearing them. I guess he's just trying to remind Ginny's brother who's boss.

Ginny and her brother visit Johnny in prison. Ginny says that the IRS wants to inventory their entire house. Johnny thinks he should sell his Maserati, and the brother agrees. Interesting that Johnny is having to sell his sports car when Tony just bought one for his wife. Ginny reports that Christopher came by the house asking about the car, and would pay cash for it. Ginny's brother says, "The hairdo? He's in a beef with the Jew." Johnny is disgusted, and orders Ginny's brother to have Phil handle it. Ginny calms everyone down and pulls out some photos from their daughter Allega's bridal shower. Johnny thumbs through the photos and looks especially sad when he sees one of Ginny, Allegra, and some other young girl looking happy. ["Wasn't that Meadow?" -- Wing Chun] He looks at Ginny, apologetic and sad.

Christopher, Tony, and Vito wait for Phil to show up for a sitdown, but Phil is late. Christopher thinks Phil's behavior is "passive-aggressive bullshit," which he recognizes from his AA work. Phil finally shows up, and Vito says it's about time because he was "starting to grow mushrooms out [his] ass." Yuck.

The men walk outside for their conversation. Phil says that the whole thing was a misunderstanding. Gerry, the hairdo, does have quite the blond pompadour. Tony gives him some shit, and then asks how they plan to make up for it. Phil offers $25K, and Tony thinks it should be more, so Phil offers $50K. Tony accepts, and I found it amusing that after all that angst, the matter was settled so quickly. Phil asks to talk about a more pressing issue: the split on the office park. He thinks it should be 65-35. Tony rolls his eyes, but agrees, and they shake on it. As Phil and his crew leave (Vito walking Phil out -- something he seems to be doing quite a bit lately), Christopher asks Tony why he always caves to Phil. Tony says that it's a strategy, because Johnny's not around to keep Phil under control. Tony points out that New York has over two hundred soldiers, and presumably, New Jersey has far fewer. Christopher says darkly (and perhaps presciently), "I'm not scared of them."

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