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Moe N' Joe

Vito is driving back towards New Jersey.

Tony can't find what he wants for breakfast in the refrigerator. Meadow bitches that she was "looking forward to fresh blueberries this morning," but Carmela dropped the ball. First of all, why are you even there, Meadow? Second, buy your own goddamned blueberries. Tony asks why Meadow's there, which is a good question. Meadow, still in bitch mode, says that Finn wanted to see a movie, and she didn't, so she told him to go alone, and he did. Oh, my God! Call off the wedding! He did what she told him to do. Tony tells Meadow not to be pissy with him, since he didn't do anything. Meadow starts crying and says that she doesn't know what's going on, and Finn doesn't seem to want to hang around her. Tony rubs her back, and says that she should talk to Carmela about this stuff. Meadow keeps going on how terrible things are with their relationship, but Tony clearly wishes he could just eat his breakfast. Meadow says that Finn doesn't even have sex with her anymore. Tony tries to give her advice about "living in sin," and Meadow gets all offended and stomps off. Tony yells at her to talk to Carmela instead of him.

Tony, still in a bad mood, asks Silvio whether he talked to the building inspector yet. Silvio hasn't, and Tony tells him not to bother.

Vito is still driving through the countryside, taking swigs from his vodka bottle, which is a great way to avoid the cops. He comes around a corner and slams into a car parked on the side of the road, where some guy had stopped to get his mail. Vito tries to back out and take off, but the cars are hooked together. Vito gets out and Mail Guy asks whether he's okay, and wonders why Vito's airbags didn't deploy. Vito says his airbags were removed, probably to sell to Angie. Vito apologizes, and Mail Guy asks whether he's admitting fault. Vito wants to pay the guy for the damages and leave. Mail Guy wants to file a report and let insurance handle it; he suggests that they go to his house and call the cops. Vito nods, but when Mail Guy isn't looking, he grabs a gun from his car, checking around to make sure there are no witnesses. Mail Guy starts to walk up his driveway, and Vito pulls out the gun and shoots him in the back of the head, symbolically killing his life in New England, and also showing that he has no trouble slipping right back into his old patterns. With some difficulty, and much profanity, Vito manages to unhook his car and drive off.

Tony walks to his car in the Bing parking lot, where he's intercepted by Anthony the Glasses Guy; he wants a report on the sale of the New Orleans company. Tony says that "the fuckheads from Fuckland" are making things too hard. Anthony says that Ginny needs the money for her family. Tony sighs and ponders the deal, while Anthony looks confused.

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