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Moe N' Joe

We cut to Anthony telling Johnny that Tony changed the terms of the deal. Instead of a cut of the sale price, Tony wants Johnny to sell Janice the house at half price. Johnny realizes that he's not in a position to negotiate, but doesn't look forward to explaining the whole thing to Ginny.

Tony lies in bed, while Carmela natters on about tile and suchlike. She asks about the building inspector visit, and Tony says that Sil didn't have any luck there. Carmela shows that she knows the deal when she asks whether Sil offered cash, and how hard he leaned on the guy. Tony says that Sil knows his business, and advises Carmela to just sell the house. Carmela can't believe Tony's just giving up, especially because she knows that Tony has ways to get what he wants in business. Tony asks how far she wants to push it. Carmela is pissed that she gave up a year of her life in vain, and blames the building inspector. She storms into the bathroom and slams the door. Tony, clearly not getting how important this was to her, asks whether she wants to go out to dinner.

A realtor or decorator or someone walks around the Sack house with Janice, offering up suggestions. Meanwhile, Ginny sits on the couch, nearly catatonic with disappointment.

In the courtroom, Ginny and her family sit in the front row, all holding hands. The prosecutor reads out a question where Johnny has to admit that he was "employed by or associated with the New York faction of an organized crime family of La Cosa Nostra." Johnny nods and says yes.

Meanwhile, his Family members, led by Phil Leotardo, watch the report of the trial on TV and groan. Phil thinks Johnny's actions are "fucking disgusting," and another guy points out that at least Johnny didn't flip on them. Phil thinks it's worse to admit the existence of their thing, and points out that he did twenty years himself rather than admit to anything in open court. Hey, do you think Phil is sick of Johnny? And that there's dysentery in the ranks?

Tony finds Carmela staring out the window, and asks what's up. She says that she just heard on the radio that Johnny Sack pled guilty, and will be going to prison for fifteen years. She and Tony stare at each other, Carmela probably thinking how her whole spec house deal was an attempt to get something of her own in case Tony ever went to prison or died, so she wouldn't be left homeless like Ginny. Maybe I'm projecting.

Christopher sees some guys outside towing his Maserati -- the one he bought from Johnny Sack. He goes outside and starts yelling at the guys, thinking he's being towed for parking somewhere wrong. A US Marshal explains that all of Johnny's assets are being seized, and if Ginny sold the car to Christopher, it was against the court order and thus invalid. Christopher is pissed because he paid in cash, and the Marshal advises him to go buy the car back at auction. Christopher curses some more, and the Marshal reminds Christopher that he can be arrested, too, if that's what he wants.

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