Moe N' Joe

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Moe N' Joe

Tony and Sil walk outside of Tony's house and discuss Johnny's trial. They are also disgusted with what Johnny did, and no longer consider him a friend. Sal the Landscaping Guy catches up with them and asks whether he can take the Sacrimonis off his route. Isn't it Janice's house now? Tony points out that just because Johnny pled guilty doesn't mean that he is guilty, which is another example of the guys bitching amongst themselves but defending Johnny to outsiders. Sal still wants to take Johnny off his route, and Tony agrees that he can do so. Sal grins.

Vito drives by Satriale's, but no one is sitting outside. He looks nervous. Wouldn’t you be?

The extended Soprano family hangs out at the Soprano house. Meadow brings Finn and Bobby Bacala beers. Kelli walks in, explaining that Christopher's at an AA meeting.

Down in the basement, Tony stacks his wine into a rack. Janice comes down and thanks Tony, and says emotionally that no one has ever done something like that for her. Tony, uncomfortable with the emotion, tells her that it's okay. Janice starts sobbing, and Tony rolls his eyes behind her back. Carmela comes down to see whether Tony has the wine yet, and finds Janice sobbing. She asks what's wrong, and Janice cries, "No one knows what goes on in my head!" That's interesting. I wonder what she meant by that. Tony says that Janice is happy about her new house. Carmela hugs Janice and leads her upstairs, while Tony continues stacking wine into the rack. So I guess Tony got what he wanted -- Carmela does the emotional heavy-lifting in the family once again.

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