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Moe N' Joe

Ginny Sack opens her front door (wearing a robe and a turban) to find all the Jersey wives there yelling "Surprise!" Apparently, it's Ginny's birthday. The New York wives couldn't throw her a party? Janice, Carmela, Gab, Angie, and Rosalie (yay!) filter in. Rosalie is carrying a bottle of wine, and her hair is an architectural masterpiece. And she's wearing leopard-print pants. Or possibly python. And I think they're leather. Could we get a Rosalie Aprile spinoff, please? As she walks in, Carmela calls out a hello to Sal Vitro, and when he barely acknowledges her, she complains that he's "such a mope."

Inside the Sack living room, the ladies drink wine and gossip. Ginny says that her daughters are a comfort, although Allegra has been bitchy lately. Rosalie and Gab chalk it up to the stress of being a newlywed and realizing that marriage isn't everything she imagined. Janice walks in and gushes over the beautiful house. The conversation is interrupted by Angie's cell phone conversation in the other room, where she bitches loudly at someone. Janice can't stop talking about how great the house is, and Ginny says that she takes it for granted and spends most of her time upstairs. Ro recommends Wellbutrin, and Ginny says that she shouldn't complain, because others have it worse. Carmela gets annoyed by Angie's continued business conversation in the other room. That would be annoying. It seems like Angie just wants the other women to know how important she is.

At Jimbo's house, Vito crawls into bed with his new boyfriend. They cuddle a little, and then kiss a little. Vito -- or the actor playing him -- looks really uncomfortable. I'm not sure whether it's an acting choice or a non-acting choice, if you get my drift. Anyway, Jimbo rolls Vito over onto his side for easier access.

And then we cut to one of Bobby's trains going into a tunnel. Get it? I think we do. Anyway, Bobby is in the garage, trying to get Bobby Jr. interested in playing with some trains. Bobby Jr., like any sensible teen, wants nothing to do with his father's nerdy habit. At least Bobby Jr. is polite about it, but he'd rather go to a friend's house, where they're making a music video. With dry ice! Is there anything cooler than dry ice when you're fourteen? Bobby tells his son to "check out the Moe 'n' Joe action," and shows off a device that unloads tiny fake logs into a tiny fake train car. Bobby tries to entice his son into having a train race, but Bobby Jr. isn't interested. Politely.

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