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Moe N' Joe

Tony walks into the kitchen and gives Carmela a kiss. She's too busy opening bills and pouting to react. Tony calls attention to her "gray cloud" and then asks where AJ is. Carmela doesn't answer, and then finally nags Tony about talking to the building inspector. Tony pretends like he didn't forget the whole thing, and lies that he sent Little Paulie, and they're having a hard time making headway. Carmela sucks lemons, and Tony says that he'll get Sil on it.

So Tony tells Sil to go lean on the Montville building inspector. Sil is really busy putting up a poster for a porn movie next to his desk. Ginny's brother Anthony shows up, and Tony greets him as "the Lord of the Lenses." Anthony gives Tony a gift -- a new Cross pen. Tony isn't too impressed, but it's just a formality anyway. Anthony sits and says that he has news from Johnny, but it's supposed to be for Tony only. Silvio gets the hint and leaves. Anthony says that Johnny's a silent partner in a New Orleans equipment-leasing business. Tony thinks this is awesome because "FEMA's down there handing out Krugerrands in buckets," adding that he'd like to see "Dick Cheney for President...of the fucking universe." As I am personally anti-Cheney, I was annoyed by that line at first, until I realized that Tony is essentially saying that Cheney's involvement (probably both governmentally and corporately) has made it possible for massive corruption, leading to lots of money for the Mob. So that's not exactly a compliment. Anyway, Anthony gets to the point and says that Johnny needs cash, and he wants Tony to sell off the company. Also, Anthony doesn't want Phil involved. Tony shrugs, and Anthony quickly adds that there will be a finder's fee. Suddenly, Tony is a little more interested.

Vito works outdoors at an old farmhouse, mixing cement. He looks around, kind of like, "What the fuck am I doing?" Cut to Vito, napping out in the barn. The homeowner comes out and angrily asks what's going on. Vito says that he wasn't sleeping, and adds that he needs to rest his hips, which need surgery. Which is probably a line they took from the actor, who actually did need to have hip replacement surgery.

Tony walks into the dining room, and Carm is already seated at the table. He asks whether he's early for dinner, since there's no food nearby. Carmela announces that she's interviewing a new contractor for her spec house, and it happens to be the same guy who built Ginny's house. Carm tells Tony how much Janice loved the house. Tony's still kind of like, "Where the fuck's dinner?" so Carmela says that she picked up some sandwiches for dinner. Tony roots around for a sandwich, and then points out that Hugh built their house and did a good job, and getting a new contractor could end up costing Carmela a lot of time. Carmela ignores him, clearly not wanting to talk about her father. She slaps a plate down on the table for Tony, and asks why he suddenly cares so much about her father.

Tony's at Melfi's office. He claims that he likes that Carmela has little projects, because it makes her happy and keeps her busy. The problem is that "she's a million miles away" -- even in bed. Well, there's half your problem. Move closer! Melfi thinks that Tony wants to encourage Carmela, but only as long as it doesn't interfere with his life. Tony claims that he and Carmela came to an understanding before they reconciled: he would financially back her house, and Carm "would have more of a 'don't ask, don't tell' policy" towards Tony's extramarital activity. You know, I didn't think that was their agreement (I thought Carm told him he couldn't cheat any more), but upon review, Tony's pretty much right. Melfi thought that there hadn't been any extramarital tomfoolery since the shooting, and Tony says that there hasn't. He sighs and looks out the window for a while before spilling that Janice came to see him at work. He adds that his whole family gets meat for free from Satriale's. And given what we know about Tony's meat equals sex thing, that's pretty interesting. Anyway, Tony reminisces that his father used to drop the kids off at Satriale's, and that they would go in the back to sneak cigarettes and play house. At what age are you old enough to sneak cigarettes but also young enough to play house, I wonder? Tony relays how Janice thinks that he's mean to her and her husband, and she's right: "I love it when I can take a shit on her. And her husband." Tony giggles, even now, over how he laughed when he thought of Bobby having to change Uncle Junior's diapers. Melfi wonders whether Tony enjoys seeing "Bob" and Janice in a position of weakness. Melfi thinks that the Bacalas are committing "acts of kindness," and Tony responds, "Janice only does acts of Janice," which is an awesome line. Tony disagrees with Melfi, and says that he did used to get along with Janice. She was the cool older sister, and did some "heroic shit" against Livia. Melfi thinks Janice defended Tony, but Tony says that it was every man for himself in their family. Tony remembers one time when his parents left Janice in charge. He trails off, and Melfi nudges him to continue. Tony says that Janice tape-recorded Barb and Tony having a fight, and then held the cassette tape over his head for years to get him to do things. Melfi asks whether Barb got the same treatment, but Tony thinks that that's not the point: "You still don't get what it means to tape somebody in my family? You still don't fucking get this?"

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