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Moe N' Joe

Anthony, Ginny's Brother, goes to see Johnny in prison. Anthony is trying to talk in code about the deal with Tony, using phrases like "the coffee with the chicory," and even Johnny Sack is like, "What the fuck are you talking about?" Anthony refers to "our friend with the stomach," and finally has to resort to saying Tony's initials. Johnny finally gets it and asks whether Tony is going to comply. Anthony says that Tony wants "ten cups for himself, not seven." Johnny is blown away by Tony's unbridled caffeine habit, but realizes he doesn't have a lot of negotiating power here. Johnny asks Anthony whether he picked up the cake "with the marzipan flowers" for Ginny. Anthony thinks that they're still talking code, but Johnny is talking about a real cake. Oh, Johnny Sack in prison. What an endless source of comedy.

Jimbo's beeper goes off in the middle of the night. Now that's what I'm talking about. Why does the firehouse across the street from me still use a siren? Anyway, Vito hops out of bed and announces that he's coming, too. Jimbo says that Vito can, as long as he stands clear of the action.

At the scene. A church. One of the firemen explains to Vito that the basement is flooded, and that they're trying to shut off the water. Problem is that the pastor is trapped down there, and there are live wires arcing around. Vito says that he spent years as a contractor doing electrical. We cut to Vito climbing a ladder with a giant pair of wire cutters. He cuts two wires and the power goes out. I really thought he was going to get electrocuted there. Anyway, everyone cheers for him -- except Jimbo, who is pissed that Vito didn't stay clear as ordered. Vito says that he had to act, because the pastor was going to die. Jimbo wonders if Vito is "trying to be the big man," and they start shoving each other around. Is this foreplay? The other guys get things calmed down, but Vito and Jimbo are still glaring at each other.

Afterwards, the guys go out to a local tavern for a drink. What local tavern is open late enough that Vito and Jimbo were awakened from a deep sleep to go to the scene, presumably spent some time there, and then went for a drink? Maybe they re-opened just for the firemen. Anyway, Vito tells the guys that now he understands why they do what they do. One of them encourages Vito to join the department. Jimbo says that firefighting is a commitment, and that you have to have a passion. (I don't think he's just talking about the job.) Vito says that he has bad hips and needs surgery. (I do think he is just talking about the job.) Another guy guesses that Vito will blow that popsicle stand as soon as he hears from his publisher. Vito and Jimbo just nod at each other, and Vito changes the subject by trying to get the guys to play darts or poker. One of the guys says that it's almost midnight. What the fuck time did Vito and Jimbo go to bed originally, 6:00 PM? The guys are tired and want to go home, despite Vito's adrenaline high.

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