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Moe N' Joe

Tony sleeps on the couch at home, an empty ice cream bowl balanced on his massive stomach. One of my pregnant friends told me that the best thing about having a big belly is that she always has somewhere to rest her hands. I'm sure Tony can relate. Tony is woken up by the ringing phone. When he answers, Paulie asks whether he heard about Bobby. Tony says that Janice called to tell him earlier, and he's surprised that Bobby would go to such a bad part of town this late at night. Paulie is disappointed that he doesn't get to be the first to relay the bad news, because he loves gossip. He adds that doctors are optimistic about Bobby's recovery. Tony is reminded about Paulie's medical woes, and asks about his biopsy results. Paulie spills that he does have cancer. Tony is shocked and nearly drops his ice cream bowl. Paulie says that they caught it early, and that he is doing a course of radiation. Tony tries to lighten things up and asks Paulie whether he is going to keep his hair. Paulie says that things are fine so far and he "must have done good things in [his] life." Seriously? Does he really believes that? Tony has no response, and Paulie says that he doesn't want anyone else to know about the cancer. Tony agrees.

Tony walks into the office. Carlo brings up the fact that Bobby is currently wearing an eye patch, and is quite shaken up over his experience. Tony blames the victim for his stupidity. Paulie defends Bobby, which is funny given the bad blood between those two, although maybe Paulie just gets nervous when Tony treats guys with medical issues as weak. Carlo reports that Bobby may need a corneal transplant, and tosses Tony an envelope. Carlo adds that, even with his injury, Bobby was just concerned about making his collections. Tony doesn't think that it has anything to do with "honor and loyalty," and that Bobby just knew the incident was his fault. Carlo and Paulie seem kind of disgusted with Tony's attitude. Tony tells Sil not to give him that look. I think Sil had the same look he always does, so even Tony knows that he's acting shitty.

Johnny Sack's lawyer, Ron, meets with the prosecutor, Renee, to try to cut a deal. She offers up a sentence of twenty years in prison and 90% of Johnny's assets seized. Ron is shocked, and says that they might as well go to trial. Renee points out that they have good evidence, so a trial may not be Johnny's best option, but she asks for a counter-offer. Johnny's lawyer repeats something he has clearly said many times -- that Johnny wants the items that have nothing to do with him left alone. That would include the house, Ginny's car, Ginny's IRA, and his daughter's condo. And he also only wants to serve twelve years. Renee scoffs, "For conspiracy to commit murder? Get back to me when you're sober, Ron."

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