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Moe N' Joe

Vito sautés some onions and garlic, preparing dinner. He lights some candles, as Jimbo returns home from a call. Vito explains that he's making dinner like they do back home. He dishes out the first course for Jimbo and then goes back to chopping onions. Jimbo comes over and starts kissing Vito's neck. Vito tells him that he needs to wait, and Jimbo sighs, and says that he was a real dick when they were at the call at the church the other night. Jimbo gets all serious and tells Vito he loves him, and Vito replies, "I love you, Johnnycakes." And then they nuzzle foreheads, which is such a fucking copout. Who doesn't kiss after declaring their love for each other? I'm sorry if the actors are uncomfortable kissing each other or whatever, but then maybe they shouldn't play gay characters in love.

The next day, Vito is sawing some wood (literally, not like snoring or something) at the farm where he's been working. He has this whole internal monologue with himself about what time it is, and how soon it will be lunchtime. He won't allow himself to look at his watch, and continues talking himself through the day and how much progress he's made. The point is that Vito's fucking bored stiff with this job and playing mental games to get through it -- anyone who's had a boring job is familiar with this ploy, except in an office, it's more like, "I'm going to go get a drink of water, and then go to the bathroom, and by the time I get back to my computer, it'll be time for lunch." Anyway, Vito is convinced it's nearly noon, but when he looks at his watch, it's not even 11:00 AM, and he yells out, "Fuck me!"

Early morning at Jimbo's house. Jimbo wakes up, and Vito's not in bed. Jimbo assumes that he's in the bathroom and yells something out about jiggling the handle, but gets no response. He stands up and sees an empty closet and an empty dresser. He looks into the driveway and sees that Vito's car is gone too. Aw. Poor Jimbo. And he'll never know why. We cut to Vito driving quickly out of town.

Ron the Lawyer meets with Johnny Sack to explain the the prosecutor is going to recommend Johnny serve fifteen years and give up 4.1 million dollars. Ginny gets to keep her IRA and the house, and the girls get some life insurance policies. The other option is a trial. Ron says that in fifteen years, Johnny will be sixty-seven, and can get out and enjoy his grandkids. Johnny asks whether he has to do the allocution, and Ron says that's kind of the whole point of allowing a deal. Johnny looks completely beaten down, but says that he'll take it. Ron starts to leave, but Johnny wants to first share a story how Ginny got her IRA from working in a department store, which is how they met. I guess lest you think it was yet more money Johnny tried to hide from the Feds.

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