Mr. And Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request

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Mr. And Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request

Vito goes home and grabs a gun from the nightstand, telling his wife he's going to take a shower and that she should go back to sleep. Instead of showering, Vito checks into a cheap motel as "Three Bells" (the one that was playing last week when Jason Barone got kneecapped) plays. Vito stares at the gun for a moment, and then calls Sil to see if his news has spread yet. Sil knows nothing, and is confused as to why Vito is calling. Vito plays it off like he was just checking in. He sits on the bed, staring at the gun, smoking.

Tony sees Melfi and explains what happened at the wedding, where he almost passed out, and adds that he's worried people will see him as weak. He thinks people are questioning his judgment in a way they never did before his hospitalization. Melfi counsels him to "act as if," pretending that he doesn't feel vulnerable. It's interesting to see how Melfi, who previously was very careful not to get too involved in Tony's business dealings, seems like she's changed her tune, much like Carmela has. I think Tony is seeing a lot of blending of the various parts of his life now. Like Vito, Tony's façade and secret life have disappeared to a much greater extent than ever before. Anyway, Tony agrees with Melfi's advice.

Outside Satriale's, Bobby plays basketball while Christopher and Paulie sun themselves. Tony arrives with his driver and surveys the lay of the land. He takes note of Bobby's fatigue and excess weight, and also glances at Paulie's bicep, where he has blacked out the part of his tattoo that used to read "Mom." Inside, everyone's eating and reading the newspaper. Tony says that he can't get in touch with Vito, but no one seems interested. The guys put on the same show they did last time, where they act like Tony is an invalid, and certainly don't snap to attention when Tony is around, like they used to. Tony looks around the room at the various guys, seemingly sizing them up for strength. Tony picks a fight with Perry, the youngest and strongest, over whether or not he slammed the refrigerator door. Perry isn't really into fighting, but Tony beats the crap out of him. I was kind of surprised that Tony had it in him, because Perry is much younger and stronger, but first of all, Tony had the element of surprise on his side, and second of all, Tony probably has a lot more experience with street fighting. Tony taunts Perry, who lies on the floor bleeding, before going into the bathroom and pukes. There's a lot of shots of the toilet, which appears red, possibly from blood. Tony looks at himself in the mirror and grins, knowing that he's regained his alpha status, but then starts puking again. All I could think was, "I wonder when was the last time was someone cleaned that toilet."

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