Mr. And Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request

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Mr. And Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request

Tony quits the poker game. One of the guys is surprised that Tony is leaving so soon, but he says that his doctor told him to pace himself. Tony tells Perry -- whom he calls "Penne Arrabiata" -- to go start the car. Tony explains to the guys that the nickname is because Perry has "red pepper flakes up his ass -- a fucking hothead." Phil shows up to visit Tony, who reluctantly sees him. Phil wants to talk outside, and Tony, again, reluctantly agrees. Once they get outside, Phil reports that Johnny wants "the mayor of Munchkinland," a.k.a. Rusty, whacked. Johnny is worried that Rusty will "find another puppet, like Little Carmine, and try to run the family through him." Johnny wants Tony's crew to do it so that it won't be tied to the New York Family. Tony says no, deciding it's time to set some limits with Johnny. Phil is surprised, but wishes Tony well and walks away.

Tony struggles up the stairs in his house, breathing heavily. He tells Carmela that he's tired, and gets right in bed. Carmela joins him, and they cuddle, agreeing that it feels great.

Christopher and some of the other younger guys hang out at the Bing, enjoying the company of half-naked ladies. The Middle Eastern guys show up to talk to Christopher, who makes a "forty thieves" joke that no one laughs at. Christopher sells the guys credit card numbers and tries to make an American Express joke, but the guys don't get it. Christopher needs to learn how to read the room. The guys brought some dates (the fruit, not ladies) for Tony, which Christopher quickly dumps off on Little Paulie. As Christopher answers his phone, the guys ask if they can buy "some Tec-9 semi-automatic extended magazine" weapons. Well, that's incredibly specific. They claim to have a family problem. Christopher doesn't answer them, but goes back to his phone conversation, where he tries to talk in code and gets confused. The other guys just stare at the dancing lady's boobs. Weird ending to that scene. I know that this whole plot is somehow going to be related to Agent Harris asking Christopher to report terrorism, but did Chris agree to sell them guns or not? It was never resolved.

In the scene that was missing from the season premiere, Carmela runs down the driveway in her bathrobe and gets to the paper before Tony can. She was tipped off by a phone call from Rosalie Aprile. Carmela grabs the paper and tosses the local section, which has a front-page story about Junior going to a psych hospital. The greatest part is that the headline is "Cushy psych lock-up for 'Don Squirrel-Leone'." Which is a bit long for a newspaper headline, but it still made me giggle.

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