Mr. And Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request

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Mr. And Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request

Allegra and Eric DiBenedetto are introduced as husband and wife. Their first dance song is "At Last," which is the song I walked down the aisle to, and now I'm embarrassed that it was such a cliché. Finn and Meadow look at each other without much joy, unlike the newlyweds, who are beaming. Everyone joins in the first dance. Tony even asks Carm to dance, to her shock and delight. Meadow and Finn dance too, laughing together. Vito dances with his wife, but there are a few feet between them. I wonder if they have sex. I don't want to see it, God forbid, but I'm curious.

Junior arrives at his psych facility. There are a bunch of zombie-like patients sitting out in the lobby. An orderly tosses Junior's suitcase on a dresser, and it's seriously the suitcase that Junior's father brought over from the old country or something. That thing must weigh a ton. Junior's lawyer tries to make the best of things, and promises to check in at the end of the week. Junior insists that he didn't shoot anybody, and begs to go home. Then Junior says that the gun malfunctioned. The lawyer isn't sympathetic, forcing Junior to sit down on the bed, clearly having lost his patience with Junior's excuses.

Allegra and Johnny have their dance to an extremely jaunty version of "Daddy's Little Girl." Tony and Meadow look at each other and share a nice moment.

In the lobby, Tony tells Christopher that he wants to bring someone over from Naples to do Rusty, because the shooter could be out of the country hours after the whacking. Christopher thinks that's "a pussy-ass maneuver," because they won't have full control over what goes down. Christopher adds that Tony should just tell Johnny that they won't do it. Tony says that Johnny asked as a favor, and Christopher thinks it's like The Godfather, where you can't refuse a man a favor on his daughter's wedding day. Tony points out with disdain that the movie states that it's the other way around: the man can't refuse a favor on his daughter's wedding day. Christopher thinks Tony should have asked not to do the killing, as his favor. Tony reminds Christopher about Phil and how pissed he still is. Tony and Christopher argue over it, but Tony finally says that doesn't care what Christopher thinks.

Vito leaves early, claiming to be sick from the crab cakes. He hustles his wife and kids out of there.

During the cake cutting, the band plays some inane version of "The Farmer in the Dell" that goes, "The bride cuts the cake." Allegra smashes the cake into Eric's face and everyone dies laughing. These people are starved for amusement. I really don't get what the whole cake feeding thing is about. I don't get cake cutting, either, for that matter. We had sheet cakes, like three different kinds. And no one saved a piece for me. Not that I'm still bitter, even though I got married four years ago. So I guess the benefit of cutting the cake yourself is that you are guaranteed to get a slice. Ginny sits in a chair, watching and clapping, and I think she must be on medication, because she looks totally out of it. The Marshals tell Johnny to wrap things up, because it's time to go. Johnny protests, but his lawyer says that they can't do anything about it. Johnny calls the Marshals "heartless pricks," and takes another drag on his cigarette. New York has a smoking ban in public places, so it always looks weird to me when I see people smoking in public buildings nowadays. Although when you're paying almost half a million dollars, you can probably smoke wherever the hell you want.

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