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The meaningless and all that's true

Cut to FBI headquarters at Quantico. There's a great exterior shot that was last scene in the opening to Silence of the Lambs. Inside, the techs painstakingly assemble the bug out of a purchased lamp. They age the lamp to look exactly like photos from the Soprano house. They do a pretty good job, too. I'd be totally be fooled by that. Of course, now I'm paranoid and planning to disassemble all the light fixtures in my apartment. Or maybe I'll just wear tin foil on my head instead.

Morning in America. The Gipper is nowhere to be found, but there's Tony again, fetching the paper in his robe. Maybe they should get a dog. ["Maybe they should get a higher hedge. Put some damn pants on, T." -- Sars] The Fed out front announces that today's the big day. He watches Furio and Tony leave, and Skip follows them to the Bada Bing.

Inside, Gigi gives Tony a report on his stocks, which he's apparently getting off the internet. Before they talk any further, Tony tells him to turn off the computer, because "that cookie shit makes me nervous." Ha! Of course, without cookies, how will he know when there's new posts in the forums? Then again, if it means no more Premature-E ads (I only clicked once, I swear. Plus, it happens to every guy), I'm all for it. They discuss Parisi, who's becoming something of a problem. He's been drinking a lot, and telling people that he knows who's responsible for his brother's death. Silvio is engrossed in the TV. He's also wearing his do-rag, so I guess that would be considered a canopy bed-head. Tony finally gets his attention, and Silvio thinks the cops might have flipped him. Paulie reminds Tony that they "always have the option," but Tony doesn't want to kill Parisi just yet.

With the Soprano house now empty, the Feds prepare to move in.

Over at the club, Adriana and Carmela are receiving instruction. Every time Carmela returns a perfect shot, the instructor criticizes her. Whenever Adriana screws up, the instructor encourages her. Hmm. It's actually a lot like the ESP test scene from Ghostbusters. If Dan Ackroyd shows up, this recap is gonna be a lot more fun than I thought. Alas, Dan, much as in real-life these days, is nowhere to be found. Spies Like Us II: The Russians Strike Back, anyone? The instructor continues gushing over Adriana while Carmela gathers loose balls from around the court. There's been a lot of discussion in the forums about who knows what about who wants to do who, but since I've read the spoilers and know how this all turns out, I'm gonna keep my mouth shut. Should be interesting, though. Suddenly, Carmela gets a phone call and rushes off the court.

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