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Back at FBI Headquarters, they've finally discovered that the water heater is broken. There's some discussion about Tony's plumber, Mr. Ruggerio. One of the agents refers to it as "Mr. Ruggerio's neighborhood," and folks, we have a title (tm Strega). We also have an opportunity for me to point out yet another pointless detail about my life: I actually live in Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood (the studios are about half a mile from my apartment). They go on to remind themselves (and presumably the viewers as well) about how important this basement bug will be. They've had Tony's phone bugged for four years, but the guy "says less than Harpo Marx," so it's critical the bug be placed the next Tuesday.

It's the big day. Tony and Furio emerge from the driveway and pass the agent, giving him the finger. "They made us," he complains. And you're just noticing this now? The FBI moves in on the now-empty house. They cut the wires and head inside. Cut to the maid and her husband in the park. More arguing about citizenship and how things were better back in the old country. She gets up to leave, which forces the agent tailing her into action. He runs up and starts to quiz her about the language school, desperately trying to stall her. Eventually the husband comes over. They discuss the fact that everyone is Polish, and the agent mentions that his grandparents were Polish. So were mine. Shout-out? Back at the Soprano compound, or "sausage factory" as the FBI likes to call it, the agents are hard at work.

At the tennis club, the agents are giving a completely new meaning to the phrase "hard at work" as they ogle Adriana through the binoculars. Adriana is smoking, which I've always found to be an excellent pre-sports warm-up. Stretching is for wussies. The instructor comes over and admires Adriana's shoes. They both bend over to check them out, and the FBI guy gets treated to quite a view. By the way, Adriana wears leopard-skin undies when she works out, so now I'm really curious to see what she wears to bed. You can check out this week's Rolling Stone if you really want to know the answer to that question.

In the basement, the Feds are chagrined to notice that the lamp is no longer where it was originally. It must have gotten moved when the Red Sea was parted -- er, I mean, when the water heater broke. They bicker hilariously for a bit, and then decide to move the table back and hope no one notices.

I'm not sure who exactly deserves the "tm" on this, but whoever said that Fred Dryer is the only true Hunter was absolutely right. ["That's Daniel." -- Sars] Because here's Hunter Scangarelo, a face from the past that I had hoped we'd never see again. But here she is, right in Meadow's dorm room. Meadow introduces her to Cheapy Amy, who's zoned out on the bed. Noticing the collection of Absolut Vodka ads adorning the walls, Hunter asks Amy if she likes Jell-O shots. Amy says she hasn't been drinking for a week, and that the Health Center gave her some pills, which Hunter identifies as an anti-anxiety drug. Amy tells a rambly story about something that happened on the subway. Looks like Amy's New York Renaissance is over.

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