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It's Only Puke & Coal (But I Like It)

John Ritter: Come and knock on our door!
David Chase: Shut up, John.
John Ritter: We've been waiting for you!
David Chase: I said, shut up, John.
John Ritter: Oh, where the kisses are hers and hers and his, three's company, too!
David Chase: I swear to God, I will beat you with a plastic fish if you don't shut up.

Bada Bing. Silvio is alone in the back room again, only this time he's trying to reassemble a broken golf trophy. Hmmm. Could that be a metaphor for his new position in the family hierarchy? I think it just might be. Patsy wanders in with some coffee, and oh-so-casually mentions that a load of fancy Mexican floor tile just got delivered to the construction site. He also reminds us that "Alfalfa" (a.k.a. Christopher) passed along Tony's order not to steal anymore, but Silvio decides to countermand that order, and gives Patsy permission to boost the tile. Dun dun DUN! As Patsy leaves, Silvio disgustedly tosses the broken trophy into a drawer. Yep, that's a metaphor, all right.

Chez Soprano. Tony comes downstairs in his robe (StR = 2,312) and finds Janice lounging in the kitchen. Never one to leave a scab unpicked, Tony starts asking about her "love life" almost right away. Janice insists that it's none of his business, but Tony feels otherwise, especially because he "had to haul [her] last boyfriend out of the kitchen. In a Hefty bag." Oh, if only the same could happen to Joey. They start arguing in earnest, with Janice accusing Tony of being threatened by either her happiness or Joey's sense of style. Of course, since neither of those things actually exists, it's sort of a weak argument. The real kicker, comes, however, when she tells Tony that he's just like Livia. Oy. Clearly Janice hasn't seen this week's episode yet, since its whole point is that MEADOW is the one who's just like Livia. In fact, I'm kind of surprised that David Chase didn't work a single "Lord, just take me now" into Jamie-Lynn's dialogue for the week. I guess he was busy blocking the puke scene.

Over at Lola the Fed's house, she and her husband are eating breakfast. As a way of tipping us off that the investigation is over, this is the first time they've shot this set without the soft-focus filter. Lola gets a call from Adriana, who basically breaks up with her, and just like that, "four fucking months of work" are down the drain.

Now we cut to FBI headquarters, where Lola is being interrogated by her bosses. They decide that it's too late to start another undercover operation, and that they should just arrest Adriana straight up. After complimenting Lola's performance, they send her on her way, and then the head agent admits that he had a dream about her the other night. Join the club, buddy. Join the club.

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