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It's Only Puke & Coal (But I Like It)

Across town, Adriana is walking her "pocket rat" of a dog when a nondescript late-model sedan pulls up beside her. Special Agent Dwight Harris introduces himself and also indicates Lola, who's no longer in her Jersey slut-wear. Adriana is shocked and appalled that her "friend" was an agent all along, but all things considered, she takes it pretty well. They all climb into the car (including the dog) and drive off.

Cut to later, in the interrogation room. Adriana is told that she's not under arrest, but that they do have her on tape talking about cocaine, not to mention a half-dozen other violations. Adriana is more concerned about the fact that she told Lola secrets that she had never told anyone before, and soon the tears begin to flow. When she asks Lola if Danielle is even her real name, things just get even worse. The FBI, however, seems more intent on negotiating here with a stick rather than a carrot (although given what's about to happen, that makes sense), and they threaten her with twenty-five years in prison, not to mention what might happen when Tony finds out she brought an undercover agent into his house. And then we're treated to what I feel completely safe in describing as the best projectile vomiting scene in the history of television. Sure, you've got your Exorcist, and sure, some people liked that Nike commercial a few years back, but for my money, it doesn't get any better than this. Or, as Sars put it, "This is why TiVo was invented." Adriana ralphs on the table. The rat dog bolts. Everyone else stands around coated in puke, and Lola's eyes are slowly drawn to the giant diamond bracelet on Adriana's wrist.

Chez Soprano. Tony answers the door to find Silvio, but it's not who he was hoping for. Tony explains that Meadow has disappeared, and that they think she might have already run off to Europe. Carmela peeks her head out of the bedroom to see who it is, and I'm surprised that she'd risk being seen like that if she thought it were Furio. She must really be worried about Meadow. Silvio, however, just wants to talk business, and Tony leads him downstairs into the basement. Which, if you'll remember, is completely lampless at this point. Hell, there aren't even any Manson lamps down there. Pamie will be so disappointed. Silvio pitches the "floor tile shit" as a nothing more than a "misunderstanding," but Tony makes it clear that he already knows Silvio went behind his back. "We go back a long way," he says. "Indeed we do," replies Silvio. Tony not very convincingly explains that Christopher's promotion was in no way intended to usurp Silvio's power, and Silvio monosyllabically states once again that the whole thing was a misunderstanding. When Tony hints around for his share of the action, Silvio hands over a stack of bills, and promises to have the rest to him soon. "I know you will," replies Tony, in a tone of voice that belies their long history together.

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