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Tony, carrying yet another probably-ill-fated bakery box, knocks on Livia's door. "Who is it." "It's me, Ma." "Who?" Oy vey. "Anthony. Open the door." After a long moment, during which Tony shifts from foot to foot, Livia finally comes to the door: "I thought you were the activities lady; she's a real pain in the ass." She introduces Tony to a woman passing in the hall; the woman calls Tony "handsome," which prompts Livia to roll her eyes and lead him into her apartment. "How's it going?" he asks. "Ohhhhh, what can I say?" she says flatly. Tony calls her new set-up "great," saying jovially that the only thing missing "is that broken reading lamp you had by the phone at home." He tells her that he's got that lamp downstairs and he can bring it up if she wants, but she shushes him to complain about her neighbor running water all day: "I'm living next door to Gunga Din!" Oh, all right. Heh. Tony tries to ignore this and hands her the box of biscott', and she tells him to leave them on the table, she'll take them downstairs later. They sit; Tony asks, too casually, if Junior's come by. Livia shrugs and says he does once in a while, but the place makes Junior uncomfortable. "He's got a lot on his mind," Tony says, and goes on about more responsibilities meaning more headaches; Livia snorts, "Better men than him had to work hard." Tony says pointedly that "he'll be all right…long as he remembers who his friends are." Livia looks at Tony a little harder. Tony says that he'd hate to see Junior "mess this up" after waiting so long for "the big chair," and he goes on to say that he hates to see Junior "makin' wrong moves," especially so early on.

Livia looks disgusted -- well, more disgusted than she usually does -- and grunts, "Why you tellin' me? Tell him." "Ma, you got his ear," Tony says in a tone of false warmth. "He listens to you." "I don't -- know that world," Livia says, seeming distracted, and Tony says no, of course she doesn't, "but if anything, you know, were to come up…that's all." Livia doesn't want to get involved and tells him that if he has something to say to Junior, he should do it himself. Tony rolls his eyes; Livia gets up and says that she wishes the Lord would take her. Tony tries to dance her around and suggests that plenty of "gents" in the senior community would love a date with Livia, and I haven't even stopped laughing at the idea of Livia on a date before she pushes Tony away and says she's going downstairs before the activities lady finds her. "You want coffee?" "Yeah, all right." "Bring the cookies!" she barks.

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