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Tony sits on a chaise by the pool. Carmela comes out and sits beside him; in the light by the pool, she looks twenty years younger (although she really shouldn't wear orange). Tony tells her there's nothing "there" with Dr. Melfi, and Carmela says he doesn't have to explain. "This psychiatrist shit," he complains, "apparently what you're feelin' is not what you're feelin', and what you're not feelin' is your real agenda." Carmela leans over out of nowhere and kisses him on the lips. Tony gazes at her tenderly. "You're gonna stick with it, right?" she asks. "I dunno," he mumbles. Carmela thinks he should. "You do?" "Uh huh," she says, then admits, "I was jealous." No…really? Tony says he should have told her, but she interrupts that he should let her finish; she did a lot of thinking, and she realized that "I was jealous of her ability to help you, to be a sort of salvation for you." She says she talked to Father Phil, and she wants to be that woman in Tony's life. Tony tells her with tears in his voice, "Carm, you're not just in my life. You are my life." Carmela ponders this. Tony kisses her and strokes her hair. They look into each other's eyes.

At the dinner for Junior, Tony clinks a glass and stands up, saying that he's no good at speeches. Larry Boy loudly agrees with him, and Tony tells him to shut up. "All right, I'd like everybody to raise their glass," and he motions the waiters from the doorway to fill everyone's wine glasses. A close-up on a waiter named John, who has a tiny bulb underneath his nametag. Tony hoists his glass and says, "Taught me as much as anybody, except for maybe my father." Junior sits stiffly, listening.

Tony: "Even if he wasn't my uncle, I'd be standin' here sayin', 'To our new boss.' Salut'," and everyone drinks. The toasting begins, and the bulb under John's nametag flashes; a black-and-white still of Tony. Another flash; a still of Curto. More flashes; stills of Larry Boy, Jimmy Altieri, Johnny Sack, Mikey and Junior clinking glasses, and Tony standing beside Junior and chugging his wine. Throughout, Godfather-esque violin music plays in the background.

Cut to a bulletin board; a hand pins up a photo of Mikey, and beneath the photo there's a yellow card reading "Michael 'Mikey' Palmice -- Soldier." Pan out to a busy office. An agent eyes the bulletin board, and we cut to an extreme close-up of the late Jackie, then pan across Larry Boy and Tony and Curto and Jimmy Altieri. The agent unpins Jackie, moves Junior's picture up, crosses out the word "CAPO" under Junior's name, and writes in "BOSS." Pan in close-up from Tony's picture up to Junior's, directly above Tony's, and fade out.

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