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A Roche Bobois truck unloads furniture in front of Casa Soprano. Yet another detail that proves the writers really do their homework: the Roche Bobois furniture. New Jersey Mafia wives have a certain unmistakable decorating style -- usually involving a great deal of mint green carpeting and peach silk and roughly a metric ton of black marble and brass -- and nothing epitomizes that style quite like a Roche Bobois living room set, which costs a small fortune and yet still manages to look utterly déclassé. Anyway, Carmela, kitted out in a taupe pantsuit from TJ Maxx, comes out and directs the moving men. Tony walks up and wants to know what the hell is going on, and Carmela says matter-of-factly that she ordered some new furniture. "Some"? The lawn looks like the scene from Risky Business when Guido The Pimp unloads the whole house in the front yard and doesn't help Joel move any of it back inside. Tony sarcastically suggests that they just move into Roche Bobois and save the delivery charge; Carmela shrugs frostily, "Fine. I'll send it back." "No, but you've been spendin' like a drunken sailor all last week," Tony grumbles. "I said I'll send it back," grouses Saint Carmela. Tony leans into her face and spits, "Mother a Christ, Carmela -- I didn't say that, did I? Jesus," and stomps into the house. Carmela looks smug and continues to oversee the furniture movers.

Satriale's. In front of the store, Tony, Junior, Johnny Sack, and Hesh all sit in the sun. Tony makes a big show of saying that, with all due respect, he doesn't think Johnny should tell Junior how to run the family. Johnny in turn makes a big show of saying that he would never do such a thing, or he wouldn't see the Statue of Liberty again. Junior accepts these accolades with a small self-satisfied smile. Johnny says that Hesh is a friend of New York's as well as of Tony's, so "somebody has to step in so he doesn't get fucked." "I never said 'fucked,'" Hesh corrects him. Tony tells him, barely keeping the wink-wink out of his voice, that he's hurt Hesh didn't come to him first instead of "airing your dirty laundry in public." Hesh plays his part, grumping that Junior knew how he felt: "How would it look if I went to you after I spoke to him?" Johnny calls that a good point; Junior sips his drink and tries to look regal, but with that white driving cap on, he just looks kind of silly. Johnny asks, "Bottom line is, what're we gonna do about this?" Junior shoots Tony a quick appraising stare, then says that something tells him Johnny has a suggestion. Johnny tells Junior that "if there're any flies on you, they're payin' fuckin' rent." Everyone laughs dutifully except Junior, who laughs regally. Johnny observes hesitantly that five hundred in back taxes seems a bit steep. Junior looks dyspeptic. Johnny says he's got no problem with the two points, because that affects Tony as much as it does Hesh, and Tony makes an "I've got no problem with it either" gesture towards Junior. Junior says he's not out to hurt anyone or get in the way of their earning, and offers one-and-a-half on the shy and three hundred grand on the back tax. "Two fifty," Hesh says quickly. An awkward silence while everyone stares at Junior to see how he'll take it. Finally, he mock-complains, "What'd I tell ya? Hold onto your cock when you negotiate with these desert people." Everyone laughs in relief, and they shake on it.

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