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Wild Horses Actually Can Drag Him Away

Finally, Tony arrives at the stables and dashes through the pouring rain to pay off the veterinarian. Okay, if you were a vet, and someone told you that Tony Soprano was coming down in the middle of the night to pay you off personally, don't you think you'd be a little more apt to provide better customer service than this guy? I'm just saying. Tony forks over the cash, along with a withering glare and a thinly veiled threat, and for the one-millionth time this season, I marvel at David Chase's obsessive need to use each and every take where the actors can be seen spitting while they talk. Tony walks into Pie's stall, and tenderly pats her a few times as he sits down on a nearby stool. They're joined by the goat (who, if the music over the end credits is to be believed, is apparently named "Rifle"), and Tony sits back to enjoy a simple Rio Bravo moment amongst the little creatures. Fade to black.

David Chase: Now, see? What could be a more powerful ending than a man and his goat? And you thought we were the jumping the shark.
Aaron: Well, see, what I really meant was…
John Wells: Sorry to barge in on you guys, but I just wanted to say that if you have jumped the shark, it's okay. I did it years ago, and no one really seem to care.
Marti Noxon: Yeah, me too.
Henry Winkler: Hey, I did it first, you know!
Aaron Sorkin: Um, hello?!? Acknowledged master of the genre, standing right here! My ratings are off thirty percent, for God's sake.
Everyone Ever Associated With Television: Get out. Now.

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