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Public Enemy No. 1

Meanwhile, Joey Pants and his Not Yet Crew roll up on the county supervisor that was giving him grief. "Remember, Tony doesn't want any fires," he says, as the boys start beating the poor guy with baseball bats. Cut to Tony, back at home, and watching Jimmy Cagney's family mourning his death in Public Enemy

At the cemetery, everyone gathers around as a priest says a few words. Tony and Meadow share a glance, and she turns away in disgust. Carmela tells Tony that she's convinced he said something to Noah, but that things are on hold for now. The FBI has a half dozen agents outside the cemetery, taking pictures. As the mourners break up, Janice corners Svetlana and fires her. Then she kicks her out of the house, and demands the "extensive record collection" that Livia bequeathed to her. Svetlana rightly refuses this request, saying she wants to respect Livia's wishes. "This is just about you bogarting those discs for yourself," says Janice, and tells her to have "the whole discography" back at the house by the weekend. Svetlana stalks off, and I gotta say, Aida Turturro does a pretty good job of incorporating some of Nancy Marchand's vocals patterns in her speech. Sometimes she sounds just like her.

And again with the strange editing. Suddenly it's season one, and Artie Bucco is visiting Livia in the hospital. She spills the beans, and informs him that Tony is the one who torched his old restaurant. Just then, Charmaine shakes him awake and tells him to start serving the guests. We're at the Soprano house now, and out in the foyer, Meadow and AJ are greeting the guests. Tony observes to Carmela that Meadow is "turning into a robot, like the rest of us," and on cue, Meadow recites the episode's other mantra, "At least she didn't suffer." She catches Tony watching her, and gives him the stink-eye. Cut to Hesh, telling a Rabbi joke about an unpopular man's funeral. The boys all crack up, but then shut up quick when Tony approaches. Meanwhile, the women are all gathered in the kitchen, where Carmela is knocking back the drinks.

George Lucas: I like the catchphrase thing. "At least she didn't suffer…" "What are you gonna do…"
David Chase: Thanks.
George Lucas: It's still not as cool as "Use the force," though.
David Chase: Yeah, I know. But what are you gonna do?

Upstairs, Furio is doing Survivor shtick. He wants to hijack the winner for twenty-five percent of the winnings. As Tony opens a closet door, we get a quick glimpse of Big Pussy's reflection in the mirror. Tony closes the cabinet and looks distressed for a moment, before putting on a brave face and playing along with Survivor gag.

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