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These Boobs Were Made For Whacking

After that, we see Ray Curto, bitching to his handler that he needs more money to pay for Interferon to treat his son's MS. Now see? The Continuity Fairy may hibernate like bear, but she does come on strong when you finally wake her up.

And then, at long last, we finish the episode with Adriana and Agent Not Quite Finished Yet sitting in a car, talking about who might have taken over Joey Pants's various enterprises. Adriana is sullen and uncooperative, but then she suddenly decides to offer up a story about a girl who's been ripping off her employer for more than a hundred thousand dollars. The girl, of course, is the Hoor of Honor (and we finally get a name -- Tina Francesco), and it looks like she won't be able to flirt with Christopher for very much longer. And they're gonna love the shaved look in prison, I'm sure. Agent Not Really Interested But Acting Polite Anyway writes the name down in her notebook, and Adriana takes a long drag on her cigarette as she finally comes to terms with being a rat. Fink...ahh.

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