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These Boobs Were Made For Whacking

Steve Buscemi orders a drink at the bar, and sighs with relief at finally being alone for a moment.

Later that evening, Tony is making a toast. He tells a long story about how he only has two sisters, and therefore "Cousin Tony" essentially became his brother. The problem, of course, was that there were about fifty different Tonys in the family at that time, so they had to be called by their fathers' names to tell them apart. There was "Tony Uncle Johnny" for Tony Soprano and "Tony Uncle Al" for Tony Blundetto. There was also a "Tony Uncle Philly," but he's dead now, and, for that matter, so is Uncle Philly. And on that happy note, Tony S. slings an arm around Steve Buscemi's shoulders and tells him just how happy he is to have him back. Aww, sniff. Everyone cheers, and then the scene is over.

Even later that evening, Tony and Steve are walking through the parking lot at the Bada-Bing. Steve is still going on about how great Meadow is, but it seems more like a lamentation about his own relationship with Kelly than an inappropriate interest in Tony's daughter. "I wasn't around," he concedes mournfully. "What can I expect?" He also adds that "if things had gone different way back when," who knows what might have happened. This freaks Tony out a bit, and he stops walking and somewhat angrily asks what Buscemi wants from him. "Nothing," replies Steve. "I'm just saying it's good it wasn't both of us." People on the forums seem to have interpreted that to mean that Steve took a fall for something Tony did, but I got the sense that they were equally involved, and only Steve got caught. This isn't Carnivale, though, so I'm sure we'll be finding out what really happened soon enough.

Inside, Stevie is barely watching the strippers. Now, is that more fuel for the "gay" fire or the "he wants Meadow" fire? He tells Paulie how weird it is that his cousin is now the big boss, and Paulie replies, "It's like Sun Tuzoo says, 'A good commander is benevolent and unconcerned with fame.'" Well, yeah. "Unconcerned with fame," sure. You're still gonna have to pay him a million bucks an episode, though. Buscemi looks confused at this response, and that confusion gets even worse when Paulie explains that "Sun Tuzoo" was the "Chinese Prince Matchabelli." Silvio can't take it anymore, and shouts out a correction, much to the amusement of Thin Guy, who stands in the background and scores his first screen time of the season. And speaking of people's first screen time, there's Hesh, up on the balcony with Tony. He doesn't get a line, though, so if you're scoring at home, that's no robe, no Hesh, extra Artie, and Meadow got to speak. I have no idea why I graded this episode as high as I did. Anyway, Feech shows up and offers Buscemi a wad of cash to get him started. Tony watches and seethes silently on the balcony as "Fred Astaire" starts his dance moves.

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