Remember When

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Remember When
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Tony wakes up in his own bed and looks around, like something woke him up but now he's not sure what it was. Or whether it was something he dreamed. Don't you hate that? When you wake up, and for a second, you can't figure out if what you were just dreaming about actually happened or not? Like imagine if you read some stupid article online about guest stars on this season of The Sopranos, and one of them mentioned director John Woo, so you faithfully reported it, and then found out that it was actually an actor named John Wu, and you thought the guy looked a little young, but sometimes there are deadlines, so you went with it. And then you woke up the next morning and thought, "Did that really happen? Kind of like how I reported that Ray Curto was in the premiere, even thought Ray Curto is dead and it was actually Patsy Parisi? Damn this show and its cast of eight million, some of whom show up once every other season!" In other words, I'm sorry I'm an idiot, and I do appreciate all of the emails, especially those that suggested that I look into whether or not my parents might be related, as well as the ones that gave me helpful hints on removing my head from my ass. Done and done. Let's all move on.

Tony splashes water on his face and looks out the window to see Paulie strutting up the driveway, newspaper under his arm. Cut to Carm in the kitchen, futzing with the espresso maker, which isn't working. Paulie tells her to skip it as Tony waddles down the stairs in his bathrobe. Carm takes off to meet with a new realtor, and Paulie gives Tony a look like, "We'd better take this outside." Once out there, Tony inspects his tomato plants, which are FREAKING HUGE! Holy crap. Even my Italian mother-in-law doesn't have tomato plants that big. Maybe it's just that in the part of the country I live in, the growing season isn't long enough. Also, this is like the eight hundredth Godfather shout-out this season, which makes me wonder whether Tony is going to keel over from a heart attack while chasing a little kid around his backyard. Anyway, Paulie explains that he got a tip that the Feds are "doing some digging over by Brantford Avenue," and he reminds Tony about "Willie Overall, the bookie, Labor Day, 1982." Tony, who previously seemed preoccupied, starts paying attention.

Cut to Brantford Avenue, where a gaggle of FBI agents is using jackhammers and carrying giant pieces of rock out of an old woman's basement. Tony and Paulie sit nearby in a parked car, which doesn't seem prudent, but what do I know? Nothing. That's been established. Paulie hears that Larry Boy Barese has been talking to the cops (remember when he was taken into custody at Christopher's movie screening after-party?). Tony flashes back to the whacking in question, when he shot a frightened bookie and then he and Paulie buried the guy in a dirt basement. Paulie notes that it was Tony's first shooting, and that he "made [his] bones," even if he was a bit shaky at the time. After twenty-five years, Paulie wonders whether there will be any remains anyway. I have to wonder how Paulie thinks we get dinosaur skeletons to put in museums and such. Tony points out that there will be bones and teeth left, which would be enough to identify the remains, so he and Paulie need to "pack [their] toothbrushes."

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