Remember When

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Remember When

Carter lies in bed in his darkened room, staring at the ceiling. Junior knocks and enters his room, then gives him some Hootie and the Blowfish CDs to cheer him up. Geez, that would make most people suicidal. Junior keeps trying to cheer Carter up, to get the old magic back. Carter starts talking about his father, whom he doesn't respect, and his grandfather, who was "a lion." Junior calls Carter "Anthony" before leaving the room. Carter keeps staring at the ceiling.

Back on the boat, Paulie cooks up some rigatoni and gravy and brings Tony a plate. Tony digs right in, but Paulie keeps rubbing his stomach. Tony glances over at a hatchet lashed to the side of the boat, like, WE GET IT, he's thinking about whacking Paulie. Tony makes a joke about a whale and Ginny Sack, and he tries again to get Paulie to admit that he's the one who told Johnny Sack about Ralphie's joke. Paulie just keeps rubbing his stomach and looking uncomfortable. Tony finally comes right out and asks if Paulie was the leak, and Paulie doesn't really answer. The thing that bugs me most about this scene (and maybe this was a directorial choice) is that whenever the camera's on Paulie, the boat is bucking like they're in the middle of a hurricane, and whenever the camera's on Tony, the sea looks placid. I mean, maybe it's meant to show the emotions each man is feeling, but it's distracting when Paulie is flying up and down and then Tony is barely moving. Tony complains that Johnny Sack thought he was better than everyone else because he didn't fuck around on his wife, and Paulie agrees that Johnny was "Mr. Broomstick Up His Ass." As with most of his other sentences, Paulie punctuates this one with a staccato "heh heh." Tony looks annoyed and asks Paulie if he's ever been tested for Tourette's, because it's like he has a tic when he goes "heh heh." Paulie looks worried and says that he does it when he's nervous.

Tony asks again if Paulie told Johnny about the joke. Paulie just looks at Tony and then says sort of angrily that it wasn't him, almost challenging Tony to ask him again. Tony finally puts down his plate of food, and a few tense moments pass. Tony asks if Paulie wants a drink as Paulie continues to rub his stomach. Tony stands and looks out at the water. Paulie moves to the back of the boat. Tony struggles with his decision and glances down at a knife they were using to cut up bait. He reaches down and...tosses a drink to Paulie, who barely catches it and complains that it hurt. So I guess that's over. That was kind of a weak ending to the scene, but I guess the point is that, once again, Tony has a hard time deciding between being a boss and being a human being.

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