Remember When

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Remember When

At Loony Bin Lockup, the inmates are having a singalong to John Denver's "Country Roads." Carter watches, a look of devilment on his face, and he crumples up a piece of paper, which he tosses at the piano player. Junior gives him a look. Carter watches for another moment to see if Junior will do anything, then finally bumrushes Junior and starts beating him. He slams Junior's head against the wall until the orderlies arrive to break it up. The camera focuses on Junior's broken glasses on the floor. So it looks like Carter chose the violence while Tony chose nonviolence. I don't think it's a coincidence that those two scenes were juxtaposed.

Paulie arrives back at his apartment and yells out, "What does it take to get something to eat?" Who is he talking to? He hears rustling noises in the kitchen and walks in to find Pussy cooking something. Paulie asks, "When my time comes, tell me, will I stand up?" Cut to Paulie waking up alone in his apartment. He sits up, disturbed by his dream. Cut to Paulie pumping iron with a crazed look on his face. I don't even know what that meant, except maybe that Paulie is trying to be ready for when his time comes.

Tony walks downstairs in his robe to find Carmela inspecting a new espresso machine that Paulie sent over. Carmela explains that it cost about $2,000. She wonders what's wrong with Paulie, sending them such an expensive gift. Tony explains that guys like Paulie allow him and Carmela to live the way they do. As Carmela walks out, Tony looks chagrined, perhaps realizing the truth of his words.

Doc Santoro walks into the street and gets into a car, ordering his driver to take him somewhere. Suddenly, his driver runs off, and three guys shoot Doc and one of his companions. I think Butchie was driving one of the getaway cars, but I might be mistaken. The camera focuses in on dead Doc Santoro, who was shot through the eye like Moe Greene or Brendan Filone. I guess Phil's the boss now, huh?

Paulie, Christopher, and Silvio watch the news reporting Doc's death. Paulie is babbling about Feech Lamanna and some other bullshit when Tony walks in. Silvio comments, "Look's like Phil's the main Guinea over there now, huh?" Hey, I just said that! Paulie is still babbling about Joe Namath and gambling on the Jets. Tony pours himself some coffee and seems to be working hard to keep his annoyance at Paulie under control, probably wondering if annoyance is a good enough reason to whack someone.

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