Remember When

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Remember When

In the old days, this might have meant packing a toothbrush, but now it means getting Carmela to fold a lot of giant pairs of boxers. Carmela packs a suitcase for Tony as he goes over some details on handling business while he's gone. Carmela says, irritated, that she knows the drill, and Tony reminds her that he's not exactly going to Paris.

Meanwhile, Paulie is packing his own bag, which is mainly filled with identical pairs of white leather shoes. Oh, Paulie.

Carmela asks Tony if he's got everything, and Tony assures her that this whole thing is no big deal, and that he's just avoiding "a little gambling charge." Carmela asks, "It's just, this is what life is still like? At our age?" That's an ongoing theme this season, isn't it? It's all about Tony realizing that he's getting too old for this shit, and it may be time to step aside, but there's no one he trusts to take over. Instead of articulating that, Tony notes that his tomatoes are just coming in.

Uncle Junior is visited by two old friends, though I don't think we've seen these two guys before. They observe that the medication he's on seems to be helping him, and that he's not repeating himself so much. Junior begs them to get him out of there, and then he claims that he's still waiting for an apology from Tony. An apology? For what, exactly? For not dying? One of the friends suggests that Junior make an appointment with an outside dentist, and then they could sneak him off in their car. Junior doesn't really respond, but it's impossible to tell whether he forgot what they suggested already or is just playing dumb.

At dinner, Junior sits in the cafeteria with a young Asian kid. Junior stands to speak privately with the orderly, then returns and whispers something to the Asian kid, clearly setting something up. A while later, Junior and the Asian kid are setting up a poker game in a rec room at the facility after hours. The orderly comes in with soda and candy for Junior to sell on the black market. They argue over the price of the contraband, and the orderly promises to keep people away until lights out. Junior gets the game started, but he forgets what he was saying in the middle of his speech. The Asian kid helps him out, so he's clearly used to being Junior's partner in crime.

Tony and Paulie drive through the night, heading south. The camera focuses in on a big sign that says "Hitchhikers May Be Escaping Inmates," which is weird, grammatically. It sort of makes it sound like any hitchhikers that you see on that road may be trying to escape from inmates. And I'm not sure why the sign was such a focus in the establishing shot. I've scoured my brain for the metaphorical significance, and have come up with nothing. Maybe a sign is just a sign. Paulie and Tony discuss how this road trip is just like the old days. They reminisce about the night they shot Mr. Overall -- how it was right before Meadow was born, and how Paulie, Big Pussy, and Ralphie took Tony out drinking afterwards. And now, only half of that group is still alive. Tony's smile sort of fades; maybe he was realizing the same thing. Whenever they tell stories about the past, I really wish that this series had more flashback episodes or would do a prequel movie. I would love a film about newlyweds Tony and Carmela.

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