Remember When

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Remember When

Some hours later, the road-trip adrenaline has worn off. Tony starts talking about how someone told Johnny Sack the insulting joke Ralph told about Ginny's mole, and Tony wonders aloud who would have told Johnny about it. Paulie claims he doesn't know, although we know that Paulie's the one who told Johnny.

Back in Loony Bin Lockup, the poker game is still going, albeit with occasional interruptions for people to talk to the voices in their heads and whatnot. As they continue to play, Junior tells dirty jokes. Another patient knocks on the door, but Junior (who calls the knocking guy "Professor") won't let him in. Professor insists that he has a chess match scheduled with one of the poker players. Junior announces to the room that the Professor slit his wrists in the faculty lounge at Rutgers (there's only one?) after stabbing the dean. The Professor leaves, disgusted and possibly humiliated. Junior resumes telling dirty jokes to the room. An orderly walks in and asks what's going on. He doesn't seem to care about the gambling as much as the stress it causes some of the patients. Wasn't that other orderly supposed to keep people out of the room? Great job he's doing with that. Junior keeps cracking jokes, clearly not threatened by the presence of authority, and the Asian Kid cracks up. It reminds me of the episode where Tony realized that people only laughed at his jokes because he's the boss, except that Junior hasn't realized that yet, or maybe he doesn't care.

Later, Junior sits in his room, eating some of the contraband candy and watching the Weather Channel. Asian Kid knocks on the door and brings in Junior's tea. Junior tells Asian Kid that he did a good job and offers him "[his] taste," which is a handful of buttons. This whole scene kind of plays like a parody of real mob life, which I guess is the point. Junior has had to recreate the only way of life he knows, and at least among the crazies, he has some sort of status – a status he would never have regained on the outside, even if he never shot Tony. Junior turns the TV off and starts talking about how he went to work with his father, a stonemason, and ended up carrying groceries inside for the lady of the house they were working on. She offered Junior a quarter, which he refused, and then his father slapped him for turning down much-needed cash. Asian Kid is impressed with the story. Junior concludes that his father made him walk eleven miles home, from Essex Fells back to Newark. Asian Kid is excited, because he's from Essex Fells, and Junior smiles and calls him "a rich kid." One of the inmates enters the room and says that the Professor told him to get his buttons back, since they weren't supposed to be gambling. Junior tells the guy to go fuck himself, and to get the fuck out. Asian Kid shares a story about showing his father a near-perfect mark on a spelling test and being asked why it wasn't perfect. Asian Kid's anger towards his father is a bit oversized, some might say. You can see Junior noting this and filing it away for future use.

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