Remember When

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Remember When

Back on the road again, Paulie is dozing off as Tony drives, so Tony decides that they should stop. Tony asks Paulie if he remembers the place they stopped once, and Paulie thinks for a moment and dredges up "The Havenaire" from his memory. They decide to go there for old times' sake, and Tony says that they can get a bucket of ice from the machine and order some steaks and scotch from room service. Paulie cackles in anticipation.

They pull into a modern-looking hotel, and Tony, confused, asks the bellboy if the joint is new. The bellboy has no clue and is no help. Tony and Paulie go inside, and Tony reserves a room under the name "Mr. Spears," one of his known aliases. He asks the desk clerk to have room service send up two bottles of Glenlivet, but the clerk says that they don't serve bottles. Tony then asks for two steaks with baked potatoes, but the clerk says that they only serve salads and wraps at this time of night. He suggests that Tony and Paulie go to the restaurant across the street for some nachos. So, if you missed the message, it's that times have changed and the past is the past.

Tony and Paulie do, in fact, enjoy some nachos across the street. Paulie reminisces about his trips down South with Tony's father, Johnny. Paulie says that he was twenty years old, driving down South, and they got pulled over, and he didn't have a license. Paulie asked Johnny what to do, and Johnny advised him to tell the cop that he had a cousin in the police force and fed Paulie a "southern-sounding name." Paulie then told the trooper that his cousin was Barney Fife. So that didn't go over very well. Tony chuckles and remembers that when he misbehaved, his father used to threaten him with Uncle Paulie. Paulie responds that Johnny really loved Tony, and the only time Paulie ever saw Johnny cry was the night that Tony was born. Tony says, nervously, that he never knew where he stood with his father. Paulie points out that his father trusted him with the Overall whacking when Tony was only 22, which says a lot.

The next morning, Paulie is making friends at the breakfast buffet. What is it about people (I was going to say men, but I think women do it too) of a certain age who have to make friends everywhere? I mean, I'm all for being pleasant and civil, but take my dad, for instance. Whenever we travel somewhere, he loves to just go up to strangers and start shooting the shit with them, trying to find something in common. Maybe it's how he makes himself less homesick, I don't know. So Paulie does that too, and when Tony comes to collect him, Paulie's new friend wishes him fun in Miami. Nice job, big mouth. I thought Tony was going to have to choke a bitch. Tony pulls Paulie aside and angrily reminds him that they're supposed to be lying low. Paulie, chastened, heads back to the buffet to grab some food for the road, and he manages to take pretty much the entire muffin basket inside one napkin.

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