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Best scene of the week, right here. Carmela is in Dr. Krakower's office, which seems much homier than Melfi's, especially with the giant fireplace. She's crying and complaining about all the problems in her marriage, and when Krakower asks if Tony is seeing another woman, she tells him, "You can make that plural." She mentions that she's considering divorce, and then asks, "I may be overstepping my bounds here, but you're Jewish, right?" Krakower admits that he is, and Carmela says, "Us Catholics, we place a great deal of strength in the sanctity of the family., and I don't know if you people…" Dr. Krakower explains that he's been married for thirty-one years, and oddly enough, so have my parents, so I'd say "we people" are doing just fine. Carmela calls Tony a good man, but Krakower points out that "you just told me he was a depressed criminal. Is that your definition of a good man?" Carmela wants to be babied, but Krakower isn't having it. He refuses to give her easy answers, or let her blame things on her childhood: "That's psychiatry in America today. You can see it at the mall." She asks for his assurance that their conversation will remain confidential, and then explains that Tony's crimes are "organized." Then she gasps and starts crying again, as if she's never said it out loud before, and I bet she probably hasn't. Krakower stops her from walking out, and finally tells Carmela what she's probably needed to hear for quite a while. Not only does he refuse to accept payment in "blood money," but he insists that she leave Tony immediately, or "[she'll] never feel good about [herself]." He calls her Tony's accomplice, which Carmela disputes by saying that all she does is cook and clean for him. This prompts him to change "accomplice" to "enabler," but the message stays the same: "Take only the children, or what's left of them, and go." Carmela's priest told her to stay and try to make Tony a better person (and also maybe some nice pasta, so said priest can come over to watch a movie), but Krakower sarcastically volleys back, "How's that going?" He finally suggests turning Tony in so that he can spend a few years reading Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment, and I'm actually kind of surprised David Chase didn't name the doctor Karamazov. Finally, he gives her one last piece of food for thought: "One thing you can never say -- that you haven't been told." My question, however, is that if this guy is such a mentor for Melfi, how come he's never had this same talk with her?

Junior is back to chemo, and he's also back to whining about it. Suddenly, Doc Kennedy breezes around the corner, saying "he's been busy," but that Junior has "a top guy here." Except I'm pretty sure the guy he's referring to is just an orderly, but Junior buys it hook, line, and IV needle, so everyone's happy. The Doc gives Junior his home phone number before heading off again, and a contented Junior leans back in his chair to finish the treatment.

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