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Das Sopranohaus. Tony walks in to find Carmela stretched out asleep on the couch. He asks if she's feeling okay, and she replies, "Everyone else in this family sleeps all day. I thought I'd give it a try." Tony looks concerned (although not as concerned as he did about Melfi a few weeks ago), and asks if she's depressed. Carmela scores another snappy comeback with, "Don't you know the division of labor around here? That's your job." I like the way she thinks. I don't even have to write my own jokes for the recap anymore, since she's pretty much doing it for me here. Which is good, because after seven straight weeks, I think I might be running out. Tony timidly suggests that she try therapy on her own, but Carmela claims not to have the time. She will, however, continue going to Melfi with Tony, presumably because Melfi is content to actually be an enabler for her and Tony, rather than just calling Carmela one. She tells Tony that she told the Dean yes on the fifty thousand, and Tony, sensing that she's serious about this, offers to go as high as ten. "Tony, you gotta do something nice for me today," she says. "This is what I want." Tony is silent for a long moment, but then finally nods, giving in. "You look like you could use a night off from cooking," he tells her. "What do you say we go out?" And with that, she rises off the sofa, wraps the blanket around herself, and they slowly make their way upstairs together.

David Chase: So, this is Hyannis Port? Nice. The bar is very well-stocked.
JFK: Thanks. Teddy's a connoisseur.
David Chase: You know what would make this place better, though?
JFK: Little hookers giving little blowjobs?
David Chase: Well, yeah, but I was thinking a plastic, singing fish. You can order them right off the TV, you know.
JFK: How about a plastic, singing little hooker instead?
David Chase: Ooh, I like the way you think. No wonder I voted for you.

Ladies and gentlemen, we're now beginning our final descent into Newark International Airport. Those of you with connecting flights to other shows should check the homepage for departure times, and we hope you've enjoyed flying Mighty Big Airlines, the only airline where Dawson's Creek is considered an acceptable in-flight movie. We hope to see you again soon.

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