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Tony and Junior sit dazed and befuddled across from a fast-talking, emotionless New York doctor who recommends chemotherapy instead of surgery, except that it's still possible that Junior might need the surgery, too. Junior is worried that he's going to end up "puking [his] guts out, having the six hairs [he] still [have] left fall out, and still have to be cut again." I don't see why he's so upset. That's pretty much an average weekend for me. Junior whines that Doctor Kennedy never has all these "maybes and possibilities," and Robodoc suggests convening a "tumor board" so that all the docs can reach a consensus together. When he's assured that Doctor K will be there, Junior accepts the idea. In the elevator on the way out, Tony questions Junior's "JFK worship," especially because he went after Hoffa and the Teamsters. "That was the brother," responds Junior, and Tony's curiosity seems sated. Junior, however, doesn't seem too pleased with Tony. Given that the official site makes such a big deal out of the Angie-Dickinson/ratting-out-Tony dream, I'm beginning to have a second opinion of my own -- namely that Junior may be playing a much larger role this season than we might have thought.

JFK: I wouldn't mind giving that Angie Dickinson chick a missile crisis, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.
David Chase: I just assumed you already had.
JFK: No, that was Bobby, too.
David Chase: Bouncer Bobby?
JFK: Shut up, David.

Strada privata di Soprano. Like daughter, like mother -- Carmela is smoking a cigarette. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: David Chase loves to mirror those two. When the phone rings, she excitedly answers, "Dr. Krakower?" It is in fact the good doctor (presumably the one Melfi recommended), and Carmela hastily makes the soonest possible appointment. Just as she hangs up, Tony "Roberto Clemente" Soprano emerges from the house, and she quickly hangs up. StR = 2,187, by the way. That's better than it has been, but still not up to "Employee of the Month" standards. See, I told you it was an accurate measurement of episode quality. Tony holds up a bottle of what I couldn't help but notice is Tropicana-brand orange juice, and angrily explains that he prefers the kind "with some pulp," as opposed to just plain pulp. I know how he feels. I'm the same way with my fiction. Carmela throws the phone at him and offers to make a list of all the reasons why, but before she can, AJ returns home from his trip. Carmela makes a big, embarrassing Mommy scene as she fawns all over him, but Tony just calmly asks how the trip went. When all AJ cares to mention is the Playstation 2 in the hotel room (yeah right, I'm still on a waiting list), Tony asks, "That was the sum total of your trip to our nation's capital?" All I remember from my high-school trip was the Burger King next to the hotel, so I can sympathize with AJ on this one. ["Me too. All I remember is sitting around making fun of the new Def Leppard video." -- Sars] The kid picks up the phone and heads inside, leaving Tony to apologize for the OJ thing (and would that OJ himself could do the same). Carmela is still upset about the donation to Columbia, however, especially with all the money that Tony gives to Angie and "who knows what other widows on [his] payroll." Tony refuses to budge on this one, though, because he "knows too much about extortion."

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