Sentimental Education

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She Ain't The Cheatin' Kind

Over at the Greater New Jersey Non Verbum Dei Institute For Dry Humpers and Test Buyers, meanwhile, Counselor Bob is paying a little visit to AJ's English teacher. He asks about AJ's performance, and the teacher describes him as being "solidly below average." "So, a C?" replies Wegler, apparently never having learned during his lengthy career in education that C means average, and thus "below average" would mean a D or worse. Wegler pulls rank, and pretty much orders the teacher to raise AJ's grade, despite the teacher's assertion that "the world needs ditch-diggers, too." Oh, please. There's no way AJ could dig ditches. He'd probably try to use the wrong end of the shovel. His mission thus accomplished, Wegler turns to leave, but the teacher isn't quite finished, calling out, "So what does it mean to the kid who really breaks his ass in here if Fredo Corleone can get a C because you asked?" Well, given all the references we've had in this episode to inappropriate touching, I'd hope that any kid who really was "breaking his ass" in that classroom would at least be getting an A for his troubles. But that's probably not what the guy meant.

Kim's. Diet Tony clocks out, and announces that he's heading over to the massage ghageh to do some work. Kim is properly supportive, of course...

...and then we cut over the ghageh itself, where Diet Tony is working while his two kids stand and watch. Except they're not really watching, because they're too busy opening the new Gameboys that daddy bought for them. Damn. How come my dad never finds a bag of drug money in the bushes? Because Diet Tony is actually a halfway decent parent, he offers to let the kids work at the ghageh as a summer job when they get older, and then he takes the Gameboys away and forces them to do their homework. That doesn't last very long, however, because he soon picks up a sledgehammer, and the kids are absolutely captivated by the sight of him smashing through a wall. He smiles when he catches them staring, and invites them over to help Daddy with the demolition. Damn. I don't think my father even owns a sledgehammer. We're Jews, after all. We hire people for stuff like that.

Bob's house. He opens the door to find Carmela, and she's got her tongue halfway down his throat before he can manage much more than a quick hello. She shoves him down on the couch, and I don't think we've ever seen Sexually Aggressive Carmela before. I definitely like her a lot better than Passively Aggressive Carmela, that's for damn sure.

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