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Ah, 2004. Remember when Britney Spears had just become engaged to some punk named Kevin Federline, who left his pregnant girlfriend to be with Britney? Who would have ever imagined that somehow Federline would come off as the decent, stable person in that relationship? And remember when Nick and Jessica were still married and making horrible variety shows? Were we ever so innocent?

Anyway, in 2004 in the world of The Sopranos, Tony was talking to Johnny Sack about making peace with Phil Leotardo, when suddenly some Feds popped up out of nowhere and took Johnny to prison. Tony took off through the snow, and dropped his gun in the process. What we didn't see during that incident was that a teenaged neighbor boy was watching the whole thing out the window, and was especially interested in the part where Tony tossed his gun into the snow. Later that night, we watch the kid head into the woods with a flashlight and recover the gun. He shoots once into the ground, and gets this look on his face like, "Aaaaaawesome!" before running back into the house. I would like to believe that the neighborhood in which Johnny and Ginny lived was one where a gunshot would result in some calls to the cops. Then I remembered that Johnny Sack lived there, and the neighbors probably knew better than to call Johnny Law on Johnny Sack.

Now it's 2007, and we get the traditional opening shot of the paper being tossed onto the end of Tony's driveway. As Tony's bedside clock turns to 6:00 AM, Carmela is awakened by someone pounding on the front door and ringing the bell. She tries to wake Tony, who does not so much want to be awake. Carmela is confused at first, but then realization dawns on her face and she appears frightened as she asks, "Is this it?" Imagine every time someone came to the door, having to ask yourself is this was the moment when your husband would be taken into federal custody. That would kind of suck. Although clearly the prospect doesn't frighten Carmela enough to give up the house and the cars and the pool and the manicures. Tony slides out of bed and peeks out the window. He sees a bunch of cops surrounding the pool, and he and Carmela share a wary look. Shouldn't they start hiding the guns in the ceiling? Tony and Carmela pull on their robes and hustle out into the hallway. Meadow, who's apparently living at home again, asks what's going on, and Carmela tells her tightly to go back to sleep. Meadow, of course, doesn't listen.

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