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Meanwhile, Janice is haranguing Bobby for his actions, reminding him that Tony is the boss and that Bobby shouldn't have made him look weak.

Back in the Soprano bedroom, Carmela can't get the bag of ice to stay on Tony's eye, so she gives up. She notices that he's taking up the whole bed and has already passed out, so he's not moving any time soon. With a put-upon sigh, she heads into the bedroom next door and falls, face down and fully clothed, onto an unmade bottom bunk bed.

Tony wakes up coughing at 4:04 AM. I think Tony has sleep apnea. He should look into getting that treated. Anyway, he gets up, and I really believe that he's going to go kill someone. Probably Bobby, but I had my concerns about Janice as well. Tony glances at Carmela sleeping, and then opens the door to Bobby and Janice's bedroom and walks in. Bobby and Janice both wake up with a start (wouldn't you?), and Janice asks what he's doing in their room. Tony's undershirt has a lot less blood on it now, somehow. Tony, still kind of drunk, shakes his finger at Bobby and says, "You beat me fair and square." Bobby wants to drop it, but Tony turns and staggers out.

The next morning, Tony wakes up when he hears bottles clinking outside his window. James Gandolfini makes the most exquisite hangover face ever. Tony peeks out the window and sees Bobby dumping all the empties. Carmela walks in with some water and aspirin for Tony. He asks about her shoulder, but she is in NO MOOD. Tony tries to joke her out of it, even suggesting that she shouldn't have let him drink so much. Carmela bitches that he is blaming her, and orders him to get ready to leave.

All cleaned up, the Sopranos walk out onto the patio, where Janice and Bobby have a big breakfast prepared. Carmela says she thinks it would be better if they left. Janice pretends she can't understand why they would. Bobby says that the whole thing is already forgotten, and reminds Tony that they have "that meeting with the Canucks." Tony softens, and Carmela accepts a drink from Bobby.

Tony sits on the dock alone, staring out at the water. You can tell he's working something through in his head, at least until he's distracted by the bell on Bobby's boat ringing as the waves knock it into the dock. For whom the bell tolls? As Tony mulls over his life, a duck flies away.

Inside the house, Bobby plays with the radio until he finds the news, where the war in Iraq is being discussed. Janice stares at Tony and bitches, "Fucking look at him out there. I've seen that sitting-in-the-chair thing." Talk about a loose interpretation -- as Bobby points out, "What? People sit in chairs."

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