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Soprano Home Movies

Meanwhile, Tony continues to stew about something. Carmela walks up and reports that her potential buyers fell through, and that Meadow is staying in to study for her career as a pediatrician. So she's going with medical school instead of law school? Tony non sequiturs that the only reason Bobby beat him was because of a throw rug. Carmela is disgusted that Tony is still going on about this, and Tony claims that the first time he saw Carmela was while he was in a fight, and that he could tell she was "blown away." Carmela bleats that she was in high school at the time, and that watching two middle-aged relatives fight was hardly a turn-on. She adds that Tony had it coming, and that he gets it away with murder because he's the boss. I don't think she meant that literally, but if the whacking fits. Tony complains that he had to give up his friendship with Johnny Sack to get Bobby and Janice their house. Yeah, what a sacrifice. Carmela accuses both Tony and Janice of being "emotionally blocked." Tony doesn't think his body will ever recover from the shooting, and Carmela groans and walks away. Tony's phone rings, and it's Christopher, wishing him a belated happy birthday. Tony just hangs up on him! At first, I thought Tony was just annoyed about being reminded of his birthday, but now I'm wondering what's going on with Christopher. He wasn't at the house when Tony got out of jail, and now he forgot Tony's birthday? So maybe it was Christopher Tony was talking about in the boat earlier, the one who disappointed him.

Tony takes his new golf clubs out to his vehicle, and hears Nica and her nanny singing a song about ducks. Lots of callbacks in this episode to earlier seasons.

The two couples eat lunch by the water. Everyone tries to make small talk, at least until Tony interrupts to tell Bobby that, if their fight had happened before his injury, things would have been different. Bobby allows that Tony was at a disadvantage. Tony claims it was a sucker-punch, and then tells Bobby to forget about it, because he has. Oh, he sure has.

A while later, Tony tells Bobby that it's time to go play golf. Carmela and Janice both look worried. As they drive off to meet the Canadians, Bobby looks nervous, but claims that he has to pee. Tony pulls off into the woods, and I totally thought this was the end of Mr. Bacala.

Carmela and Nica play in the shallow water as Mercedes watches from the shore. Janice stomps up and yells at Mercedes for letting Nica go in the water without informing her first. Mercedes and Carmela both explain that Carmela was right there, but Janice isn't having it. She orders Nica out of the water, and Nica resists. Now that her baby has an independent thought, and her own will, Janice can't handle it and snatches Nica out of the water, and hands her to Mercedes to put to bed. Yeah, Janice is nothing like her mother. I don't know that I've ever seen anyone so into therapy and yet so not self-aware as Janice. And Tony. Once Nica is gone, Janice claims that the child has never spoken that way to her before, and that she thinks Bobby Jr. is a bad influence. Yeah, he's the one.

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