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Soprano Home Movies

As they pack up the car, Tony thanks Janice for the birthday gift. Hugs and handshakes are exchanged, and the Sopranos are on their way. And no one died! Yet.

Bobby packs a suitcase as Janice nags him about whether Tony broke his balls about the fight. Janice wants to know where he's going as Bobby stalks out to the car and says he has business to handle. Janice is upset, since they have houseguests coming. Bobby says that he'll be back when he's back, and that she needs to quit nagging.

Bobby watches a scraggly young man enter a laundry room with a bag of clothes. He checks a photograph he's holding of the young family and, sure enough, the guy matches the photo. Bobby heads into the laundry room, makes sure no one else is around, and then shoots the guy in the chest. He walks closer and shoots the guy in the head. Unfortunately, the guy gets a whole of Bobby's shirt and manages to rip off a large chunk of it. The camera focuses in on a tattoo of an ankh on the dead guy's neck as Bobby scuttles off, dropping the gun on his way. Consider Bobby's whacking cherry popped.

Tony sits at home, watching the home movies. His lawyer calls to report that the Feds picked up the gun charges after Essex County dropped them. The lawyer thinks they are planning on folding it into a RICO case, but don't have much yet, or Tony would already be under arrest. Tony hangs up and continues watching the home movies, where little Tony and little Janice take turns spraying things with the hose. Some things never change.

Bobby arrives back at the lake house. He sees his family sitting at the picnic table as "This Magic Moment" plays on the soundtrack. Nica runs over to her father and gives him a big hug. Bobby clutches her almost desperately as he stares out at the peaceful water.

So that's it for the first episode of the last bunch of episodes of the series. And while, on the surface, not much happened, I think there were a ton of callbacks to previous episodes, and that familiar Soprano tension was used to good effect. I know I can't wait to see how it all plays out.

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