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Tony, wearing his suit now, is let into a jail cell to await his hearing. As he sits on a bench, behind him some dude drops trou and pops a squat over the toilet to pinch a loaf. Nice. Imagine that audition? "Now we need you to shuffle around like a crackhead and then mime taking a shit in a crowded jail cell. Thanks. We'll be in touch."

Courtroom. Tony's lawyer backstories that a kid was pulled over, and the cops found a gun as well as cocaine residue on a baggie in the car, so the kid claimed that Tony dropped the gun over two years earlier. I'm wondering what the point of this whole storyline is -- the sins of the past return to haunt you? Nothing stays buried forever? Don't drop your gun in a residential neighborhood? We shall see.

Phil's crew is having a welcome home party, presumably because Phil has returned to work after his heart attack. I can't keep the guys in Phil's crew straight yet, so I kind of hope none of them becomes important to the storyline. It helps a little that half of the Lupertazzi family got whacked last season, but that means the only ones left that I know are Phil, the Hairdo, and the fat guy who I think is named Butch. Anyway, Phil is cranky and complaining about his rehabilitation and how much it sucks, but the guys toast his return anyway. Phil glances over and sees a framed photo of Johnny Sack smiling down at them. He's interrupted from his reverie by some guy named Doc walking up and singing a verse of "The Girl From Ipanema." Phil's crew looks disgusted with Doc, and they reiterate that they're glad Phil's back. Phil says that he's going to enjoy his grandchildren and his home, which is pretty much what Tony told him to do when he visited in the hospital, so I guess Phil is still receptive to a peace plan between the families. Or maybe I'm reading too much into it. Phil also fondly pats the Hairdo on the shoulder. Doc Ipanema gossips about Tony's weapons charge, and everyone is astounded that Tony's being prosecuted now for something that happened two years earlier. One of the guys makes a bad joke about Tony dropping the gun in a field while he was "going down on some sheep or some shit," and crickets chirp as no one reacts.

On the television, the Essex County DA is holding a press conference to boast that Tony will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I wonder if that's supposed to be a commentary on how stupid the prosecutor is, or how much the Family's power has been weakened over the years. It seems like a prosecutor making such claims years ago would have been taking his life in his hands. Meanwhile, in the Soprano home, AJ is too busy playing with his girlfriend's kid to notice what's playing on screen. Meadow and Carmela both look annoyed or slightly disturbed by the fact that AJ is still with the single mom and her kid. Hey, I think it's a step up for AJ! This may be the longest he's ever stuck with something without quitting, and it can't have been easy. Although I'm sure he gets some enjoyment from how much it bothers his family. And also, the regular sex. And the chance to demonstrate how he can be a better father than Tony was. But probably mostly the regular sex. Carmela screeches at AJ to turn the television off as Blanca helps her to put food out.

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