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Soprano Home Movies

Tony walks in the front door with Paulie and Ray "the Rat" Curto. Meadow runs over and hugs her father like he's been gone for three weeks instead of a day and a half or whatever. Carmela also greets him warmly. Blanca bleats, "They let him out already?" Carmela and Tony give her a sharp look, and AJ, holding the baby, says, "What she means is, in our neighborhood, people don't get out right away." Oh, Jesus. How did Tony and Carmela manage to raise two such self-centered douchebags? "Our neighborhood." Like AJ lives in the barrio. Tony, amused, looks like he's contemplating a few retorts, but instead asks where Christopher is. No one knows. Carmela passes the phone to Tony, explaining that it's Bobby, who offers to come down to Jersey. Tony tells him it's not necessary, so Bobby starts nagging Tony about coming up to the lake house for the week. Tony isn't sure he wants to go, and Bobby reminds him that they have a meeting with some Canadians, and adds that Tony needs a break after the arrest. Tony watches his only son, holding onto a little brown kid who is sucking on a pacifier (I'm interpreting how I think Tony sees it), and tells Bobby that a break might not be such a bad idea.

A Federal Attorney walks into the Essex County DA's office. The Fed is flanked by two other attorneys who look young and buff, like bodyguards or wingmen or something. The Fed asks if the prosecutor can really be unaware that they've been building a federal racketeering case against Tony Soprano for five years, and now the prosecutor has blown it on some rinky-dink weapons charge. Or as the Fed calls it, "this popcorn fart." So, I guess the Feds are going to take over this case?

Tony and Carmela drive upstate to the dulcet tones of the James Gang. Carmela rifles through her bag and bitches that she only has one bar on her cell phone; she's worried that her broker might call, so I guess the spec house deal is still happening. One of the things I love about this show is that, on most other shows, they would have staged a conversation where someone asked Carmela, "What's this I hear about you trying to sell a house?" and then Carmela would recap everything from the first half of the season as well as what's happened since. But this show just drops a line about her worrying about missing a call from her broker and leaves the audience to fill in the blank. Tony's phone rings and he snarks, "Well, mine works." He picks up, and his lawyer informs him that Essex County has dropped the charges: "I told you it was a piece-of-shit case." Tony grins and passes the news on to Carm before thanking his lawyer and hanging up. Carmela is happy that the pending case won't ruin Tony's birthday celebration. I'm sure there will be many other things that could ruin Tony's birthday; first on that list would be Janice. Second would be Janice. Third? Probably something Janice-related. Tony pretends he doesn't want to celebrate his birthday, and Carmela calls him on the fact that he would also get upset if no one made a big deal out of it.

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