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Nica, who is busy playing with the nanny, calls out to Janice, who waves to her. I was going to make some crack about how Janice lets the nanny parent her child, but then I remembered who Janice is, and realized that Nica is probably better off with Mercedes. Carm asks about Bobby's kids, who are at camp or something. Janice smiles that she's lucky to be back with her family after all these years: "Look at you and me, Tony. Who would've thought we'd have the kind of relationship we have now. The credit goes to you. You really changed." The crazy thing is that Janice clearly thinks that's a compliment. Tony chuckles, but there's still that underlying anger as he asks Janice why he's the one who had to change. Janice tries to explain that Tony is different since the shooting and the coma, and Carmela agrees, and then points out that the fish are jumping. Everyone basks in the peaceful scene except Tony, who stews for a moment before spitting, "I'm different, how? How am I different?" No one answers, so Tony glances over at Nica playing nearby and thinks of another way to get under Janice's skin. He urges Carmela to tell everyone about a story she heard. Carmela resists for a moment, but can't refuse the opportunity to share a juicy/morbid story, so she explains that their pharmacist was at a pool party where a three-year-old drowned, even though there were people all around. Is their pharmacist named Tommy Lee? (I realize I am probably the only one who remembers the incident where someone drowned in his pool and thus the only one who gets that reference.) Anyway, the (fictional) drowned kid is now brain-dead and in a wheelchair. Way to lighten the mood, Sopranos. Remind me to invite you to my next cocktail party with your delightful anecdotes. Or should that be anec-don'ts.

The next morning, Tony appears to be having a heart attack in bed. Except then he starts laughing, and Carmela's head pops up and it's clear that he was getting a birthday blowjob. I'm not sure what the point of that scene was except as (a) a fake-out heart attack, and (b) a sign that Tony and Carm are doing it again, and possibly (c) that Carm is a good wife. At least the director resisted having Carmela wipe off her mouth or something.

Tony and Bobby go out in Bobby's boat. I don't know anything about boats, but this one looks to be an antique, yet it still goes plenty fast. I don't know what time of year it's supposed to be, but presumably it's summer, and yet there are no other boats on the lake. Interesting.

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