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Meanwhile, Carmela is on the phone with AJ, who is staying at his parents' house while they're gone. She gives him lots of reminders on how to care for the house, and I seriously think she would have been better off hiring a housesitter. AJ is lying in his parents' bed, and Blanca pops into the room wearing a towel, so AJ pretends for his mother's sake that he's at work at the pizzeria. I see AJ has moved up in the world. His career has really taken off. The doorbell rings, so AJ and Blanca head downstairs to let in all their friends. Oh, this won't end well.

Carmela and Janice clean up the lunch dishes, and they have an exchange that so perfectly encapsulates Janice's attitude that I have to reproduce it here. Carmela: "Did Tony seem to hit the hooch a little at lunch today? I think he's feeling his age." Janice: "What do you think it's like for me?" WHUH? How did Carmela's statement have anything at all to do with Janice? And yet Janice made it all about her as usual. Love it. Janice adds that Tony used to do whatever she told him to, and even admits that she once got Tony to eat one of their dog's treats by telling him it was a cookie. Janice says that her therapist thinks Livia used to pit her children against each other, and Janice assumes that it was to toughen them up. Like for cooking and eating? Janice thinks Carmela is good with AJ, but Carmela is doubtful, adding that she wishes he would go back to college. Janice brings up Livia again, saying that her therapist feels that Livia rejected her children when they became old enough to have independent thoughts and feelings. That is so fucked up. Based on her expression, Carmela clearly agrees, especially after Janice says that she knows her mother loved them. What evidence does Janice have for that assertion, I wonder? God, I would love a prequel movie featuring Johnny and Livia. The few glimpses we've seen of them in flashback have been fascinating. To cap off this enlightening conversation, Janice and Carmela decide to drink some booze.

Meanwhile, Bobby and Tony are still out on the boat, although they're just floating now. Tony explains that Bobby has been a good earner in addition to being Tony's brother-in-law, and it makes Tony think that Bobby might be ready for more responsibility should something happen to Tony. Bobby tries to pooh-pooh any suggestions that Tony is near death, perhaps forgetting that most people in their line of business don't die from old age. Tony voices a similar opinion, but decides, "No risk, no reward."

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