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Soprano Home Movies

Meanwhile, Carmela and Janice are napping on chairs. Well, Janice is napping, and Carmela is just enjoying the lack of Janice yapping.

Back in the boat, Tony and Bobby are still philosophizing that people in their business tend to end up dead at an early age. Tony reveals that Bobby has never whacked anyone, despite the fact that Bobby's dad was "the fucking Terminator." Bobby thinks it was kind of a good thing, especially now that they have "the DNA evidence." Bobby's dad sometimes wished he could have just worked his real job as a barber, and that he didn't want Bobby to end up in the life. Foreshadowing of what Tony wants for AJ? I feel like AJ's story is going to be important in the remaining episodes, but I've been wrong many, many times before. Tony says that he's been grooming someone to take over should something happen to him, but now he and this person have "divergent agendas," so he thinks Bobby should take over. Is he talking about Christopher, and how Chris is all Hollywood now? Or Paulie? Anyway, Tony wants Bobby to handle a contract for putting windows in schools, and then they'll see what happens long-term.

That night at dinner, everyone sings "Happy Birthday" to Tony, and he blows out the candles on his cake. Janice hands Tony his gift, and Tony digs up what is apparently an old Johnny Soprano line about how he doesn't want any presents, "just a few kind words." Everyone kind of groans over the old saying while Tony opens his gift. Janice had their old home movies transferred to DVD. Given what we know about their childhood, I'm guessing it's a horror flick. Or at the very least, a psychological thriller. Tony seems underwhelmed by the gift, but he manages to tell Janice that it was very thoughtful. Carmela sneaks off to get her gift (which I thought she already gave Tony in bed earlier -- ho!). It's a set of golf clubs, and I'm wondering how she snuck that up in the car. Or maybe Janice picked them up for her, or she had them shipped or...oh, no one cares. Tony actually seems to appreciate the gift, and he and Carm share a warm moment. Of course, they're drunk. Bobby offers up a toast, and Tony interrupts it to say, "To my health, to being in this beautiful spot, people that I love...I couldn't ask for more." Everyone toasts.

And now for my favorite part of the episode. Janice is rocking out to some karaoke, singing "Out Of Time" by the Rolling Stones. It's appropriate because of her tattoo, but also because the song features the singer telling someone that he or she is obsolete now. Janice talking to Tony? Or Bobby? The best part is a drunk Carmela swaying to the music nearby. Then there's a jump cut to Carmela squalling "Love Hurts" by Nazareth. I don't think I need to theorize on the meaning of that one. Although we don't see Carmela's face while she sings and I wondered if James Gandolfini's laughter was real, because I know I was cracking up.

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