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The Blue Comet

AJ is still in the hospital. He notices a girl sitting nearby wearing a really short skirt. She has marks on her legs as if she has been cutting herself. She sees AJ and his buddy staring at her and walks off in disgust. Another girl comes in and sits down by the window; it's Rhiannon, a girl he used to hang out with when he was hanging out with that dude Hernan and dropping $500 per night on bottles of Cristal in the clubs while he worked at Blockbuster. Rhiannon shares that she's in the facility because she has food issues and depression, and that she's been modeling, but no longer hangs out with Hernan because she "caught him fingerbanging [her] cousin on the ski lift." Classy.

Carmela and Tony arrive to see AJ. The counselor suggests that AJ needs peaceful and calm surroundings once he's released. And they're sending him home? And why does the counselor look exactly like Shirley MacLaine in Terms of Endearment? She hands Tony an envelope, and when he opens it in the elevator, he remarks on how expensive this treatment is.

Tony arrives at Satriale's and orders a sub. He spots Agent Harris sitting alone in the front room and joins the Fed while his sub is being made. Tony tries to get more info on the Arabs he turned in, but Harris won't spill, claiming he doesn't really know. Tony gets pissed and stomps out with his sub. Agent Harris follows him outside and yells to Tony to wait up. Agent Harris reminds Tony that he heard, some time ago, that Tony and people close to him were in danger, but that never came to fruition. Now Agent Harris is hearing it again, and it's been implied that "the wheels have already been set in motion." Agent Harris walks off without giving any more details, and Tony angrily throws his sub to the ground. Hey, that's a waste of good gabbagool!

Silvio walks into the back room at the Bing, and Tony wonders where he's been. They had an emergency; Krista fell off her shoes last night. Awesome. Silvio pours Tony and himself a drink and explains, "Burt Gervasi. He's gone." Tony angrily demands to know what happened. Silvio says he didn't want to burden Tony, with AJ's problems and all, but Burt told Silvio that he had been "playing both sides of the fence with New York." Tony slumps into a chair as Silvio explains that a lot of the guys "have been getting squeezed hard to sway them towards new management." Tony surmises that Phil thought Silvio would join New York, and that whacking Burt was Silvio's response to that. Silvio hopes that now they can resume negotiations with Phil, but Tony doesn't seem convinced. Bobby walks in, and Silvio says they're talking about Phil.

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