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The Blue Comet

The Italians sit outside Phil's goomar's house, waiting. A car pulls into her driveway, and a gray-haired man gets out. The hit men consult a photo, and one of them heads into the house while the other waits behind the wheel. The hit man knocks at the door and claims that he's from DHL. A man answers the door; it's not Phil. Phil's goomar stands at the top of the stairs and asks what's going on. The hitman shoots the Not-Phil man in the temple, and then shoots the goomar for good measure, but not before she screams in Ukrainian that they shot her father. Oops.

Corky waits in a video store, watching porn on the monitors. As you do. He gets a phone call from the Italians, explaining that they did the job, and that they had to kill the goomar, too. There's some confusion over who exactly they killed, because she called the man in the house Daddy, and they were both speaking Ukrainian. Corky hangs up and calls Patsy to give him the news. Corky asks if Phil ever spoke Ukrainian to his goomar. Patsy doesn't know, and Corky hangs up. Patsy then calls Paulie and tells him the job is done. Can't they just do a conference call or something? Now does Paulie have to call Bobby, who will call Tony? They should have done a split screen, and then split it again, and then split it again, like those old "and then she tells a friend, and then she tells a friend" shampoo commercials.

At Vesuvio, Tony tells Carmela that he quit therapy. Carmela doesn't think it was doing much for him anyway. They both paste on big fake smiles as Charmaine and Artie walk up. Charmaine asks about Meadow dating Patrick Parisi and quitting medical school. Carmela pretends they are thrilled about both developments and talks about how doctors have to deal with hospital cutbacks and malpractice insurance. Artie claims that Meadow has always been intellectually curious, but Carmela doesn't think compassion and patience come naturally to her daughter. Even Tony is like, "The fuck? That was a weird thing to say about your own kid." But he conveys it all through facial expression. Carmela explains that Meadow is going into "constitutional law." Artie and Charmaine act impressed and ask about AJ. Artie then changes the subject and points out that "Mangenius," the coach of the Jets, is there. Tony wants to say hello, leaving the two women alone. Charmaine wants to dish some more about Meadow and Patrick, but Carmela keeps her mouth shut until Charmaine finally takes the hint and leaves. Well, at least we got to see the Bucco family one more time before the series ended.

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