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The Blue Comet

Paulie walks into the Bing and yells at Silvio for turning his phone off last night. Sil says that Gab had food poisoning. Those two sentences don't seem to be related to each other, somehow. Paulie says that "the Grey Goose is gone," and he delivers the bad news about the goomar. Paulie isn't sad that the goomar is dead, because she made a scene at the "Jersey Boys" premiere, but thinking about that show (are they paying for this advertising?) makes him think about his mother's death. Paulie snaps out of it quickly when Murmur (where's he been?) comes over with a newspaper and shows them a picture of a dead guy who looks like Phil. Surprise! It's the goomar's father! Silvio realizes what happened and glowers at Paulie.

Tony drains the water out of the pool. Janice comes out back after dropping off Nica with Carmela for babysitting. Tony claims he's emptying the pool because of the cost to heat it, and not to prevent AJ from hopping in again. Janice stands there until Tony finally asks her what's up. Janice explains that Uncle Junior's accountant, who has an electronic voice box, has been calling, because Uncle Junior is running out of money and might have to be transferred to a state mental facility. Also, Uncle Junior won't talk to his accountant, because he thinks the dude is from outer space. God, I wish we had seen that scene. People with electronic voice boxes always make me think of the dude from South Park: "Were you in Da Nang?" Tony is not sympathetic to Junior's plight. Janice says that she and Bobby don't have the money to handle it themselves, though they would contribute. She adds, "Bobby thinks that..." and trails off, the implication being that Bobby thinks Tony should take care of it. Meanwhile, she probably never even talked to Bobby about it. Tony gets angry and yells at Janice's retreating back, telling her that Bobby is exiled from his life. That makes Janice turn around, and Tony explains that he trusted Bobby, and now Bobby has taken Junior's side. Janice stomps out.

Tony goes back to sweeping the patio. Sil shows up with the bad news about the botched hit. They head into the garage, where Silvio explains that Paulie takes full responsibility for the mistake. He adds that nobody knows where Phil has been for four or five days. Tony realizes that Phil took off before the war started to avoid getting caught in the crossfire. Once again, Phil outsmarts the Jersey Boys. Tony tells Silvio to get word to everybody to be careful and break their routines. Tony emphasizes again, "You tell everybody." Tony also wants to keep trying to get Phil.

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